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Needless to say, working on stuff you love brings immense satisfaction. But,
What if

It also helped
others learn
from you?

It paved way
for a social

It brought you
the recognition
you deserve?

It paid you

It changed your

Our pursuit to provide a platform to women bloggers to make their voice reach masses brings Blogger's Park at PinkDesk to you.

Be Noticed
While your personal blogging website might take a long time to get you noticed, it is much quicker with PinkDesk.
Performance Tracking
Our performance tracking system shows how well your work is doing with the help of PD Score.
Earn Money
The PD Score generated on your blogs will be converted into PD Cash which could be either encashed or spent in our Bazaar.
Earn Recognition
Become a featured expert in the category of your interest and enjoy the rewards of being an influencer.

An ecosystem designed exclusively to connect and empower women where women can share ideas, interests or problems, learn, earn money and get access to many more rewarding opportunities aimed at their growth and upliftment. If this does strike a chord with you then do take a look at our guidelines to get to know our ideology and your scope of opportunities in much detail.

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