Why girls are better than boys ?

Gender is like wheel of the chariot of life .Both is needed and both are equally important. If one wheel breaks down the chariot does not move. Girls are better than boys in many parts of the life.

Ten reasons to justify the statement:-

Girls can handle the things with more patience and calmness :-

God has gifted girls the biggest quality of patience and calmness of mind in spite of being so work pressure they can handle the worst situations of life better than boys.

Good observation skills makes them capable of looking at the problems deeply as they goes in depth that makes them good supervisor or observer.

Not spendthrift:-girls know the value of money and spend it wisely that leads to efficient management of the financial resources and planning the budget accordingly.

More presentable: - girls posses good presentation skills and have better execution capability .They have balanced personality traits as compared to boys.

Well organised and pleasing dressing sense: - Girls are very fond of dressing and keeping them update with the latest fashion and take a lot of care of their dressing sense and carry themselves with elegance.

Very caring: - Girls love to take care of the people associated with them in family relation or in office. It is one of the best quality which makes them best than boys as they are very caring and kind in nature.

Better communication skills:-Girls are feminine in nature and have sweet voice, they are excellent at developing communication and making people comfortable within seconds that is why in the job of telecommunication, hospitality, radio etc females are given more preference.

Makes environment and surrounding pleasant and positive:-Girls are gifted with many special traits and positive approach is in their blood to take the challenges positively and making the surrounding pleasant with their presence of mind.

Punctuality trait helps them to gain momentum in the office. Girls are more punctual and well disciplined than boys. Value of time and its proper management is must for achieving best results and productivity in any profession.

Jack of all trades means multitasking / master of all trades:-They can handle multiple tasks of household as well as office that make them an all rounder.

Girls have always proved themselves in every sphere of life talk about education, science, banking, sports, business; politics, etc .Women had excelled and contributed the fullest for the development of nation such as Sania Mirza,Sonia Gandhi,Kiran Bedi and many more and there is no doubt in this fact that girls are smart and better than boys.

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