When things are tough, a dash of positivity makes your day.....

When things are tough, a dash of positivity makes your day….

When life feels like paper chains in the rain and the sky holds nothing but promises of more storms, life seems to be lonely. When all I want is a hand to hold or an arm about my shoulders but there are none, the world becomes cold and empty. 

We are born to be loved and nurtured and display the same for others. We are born to be in tribes, develop social relations and bonds for an entire lifetime. It is time like the present times, I wish I were the paper chains, melting away in the rains, fading away, just to ease the agonizing pain.

Nowadays, days are grotty and bleak, with just the creaking sound of the lifts, breaking the monotony of eerie silence. Days are full of thoughts of uncertainties and yes the fear of unknowns is hovering over is with a blank banner. It somehow feels that we are living in some kind of fiction, some kind of a horror movie, where something unreal has become absolutely real.

This lockdown has disrupted routines, confined people within the four walls, which will make them feel suffocated or even claustrophobic. Its human nature that we crave for something, the moment we are told we can’t get it or do it? Restrictions bring cravings!!

It is hard today, isn't it? The struggles, the hardships and troubles of today is unprecedented and have made our lives turn topsy turvy. It has become messy and at times we are just as clueless as a sitting duck. Perceptions have changed, our outlook has changed and so has our views about our pasts, present and future.

At times, we kind of return back to our past to relive the moments. Moments which might have been happy, moments which might have been full of struggles. Especially the moments which were of struggles, do give us the time to reflect today, as to what we missed doing, how things could have been differently. Those are our learnings and reflection to the past is our guiding light. Further our wins over our struggles of the past can become an inspiration light, a coveted treasure throve of motivation and can become a strength for future. Similarly mistakes of the past too has its own merit, it corrects you and make you learn from your mistakes. Leaning on the past experiences, moments, incidents etc makes you more robust and adaptive.

A crisis like we are going through nowadays, has affected one and all. Nobody is spared!! However, i feel that a women has to bear more and is more adversely affected than others and so its important to understand her, her predicament, her story and her struggles. Today, it's a nightmare for her when her support systems such as childcare, schools, domestic helps, home deliveries of food etc. are not available to her because of "LOCKDOWN". Who is going to be supplementing her of her support systems? Who is to back her up? She looks around but finds none and she has to fend for herself. Ultimately, she has to assume all the responsibilities. And she can't avoid it or put it away! I, being a women, am party to the whole thing...We, the women fraternity, has nowhere to go but have to take it in her stride. It’s better to take things positively and take things as it comes. And it’s because, her words are wisdom and gives hope to every one of her family; she is the heroine in the story of her life.

She has to be hopeful, hopeful in the face of all adversities as she has the invisible burden of carrying her family together, during troubled times. And hope is in the way you smile, in the way you are quiet but reaching out with your eyes, in the way you pause in between to gather strength or to catch your breathe. Hope is that small thing you do, the small shrug, the playfulness which lets you know that you are alive and make you believe in yourself that yes, you can do it!!

Every time you reach for the sun, you become a part of hope, you become a part of life... And here, i bring to you those very symbols of hope, the beautiful sun shines of my life, who through their grit, perseverance and positivity have cast a spell of positivity around families, friends and communities. They are sharing their mantras of remaining positive even in the face of adversities

Ms Leena Kundra-Home-Maker,Thane

She is totally a family person and her husband is her support system. She spills her worries, anxieties or any issue to her husband and from there on it’s his baby and she gets busy with her routines. She takes life as it comes, live it fearlessly even if it borders on imprudence. Her mantra is pretty simple and she puts it quite aptly, when she says “Enjoy life, eat good food, watch comedies and listen varieties of songs. If you fill up your life with enjoyable things, I bet there won’t be any room left for stress or anxiety.”

Ms Ratna Singh- Life Skill Consultant l Personality Development trainer l Motivational Speaker

She believes that whatever has to happen will happen and thus there is no point brooding over the unknowns. She says, “Some of the common issues that all women are facing during the lockdown are health issues, change in sleep patterns, frustration, pressure, guilt, fear and anxiety. Taking care of yourself and the community is important and also understanding what is in your control and accepting the limitation of the current situation," 

Ms Nivedita Shekhar- Home-Maker, California, USA

As usual, she was anxious in the beginning but later she got her bearings and come out with a pretty simple mantra – “Eat Healthy, Remain Fit, Stay positive”. To unwind, she indulges in gardening, capturing blooming flower in her camera. She believes that there are various ways to remain positive, one just have to be mindful about it.

Ms Rita Gala-Calligrapher

She is a sorted personality and have kept things pretty simple. She believes in keeping life simple, utilize time for family bonding, learning new skills, keeping herself fit, eat healthy, adapt to new challenges and yes STAY HOME TO STAY SAFE.

Ms Chandani Kapoor-Senior Psychologist, Growth Centre

Her Mantra is to give the best shot to everything. In her words, “My mantra is to do as much is possible... Physically, emotionally, behaviorally etc and be OK with it”.

Ms Sonali Kothari-Owner, S Choxolate

Family Bonding and Cooking keep her going through the monotony of Lockdown. She Saya, “Cooking helps me de-stress majorly and so trying out new recipes, keeps the interest alive and everyone happy at home with the variety on the table.  

Being positive also means keeping everyone positive, so playing bonding games, exercising together and with everyone helping around at home, it is getting us though this lockdown.

Ms Amita Somani – AGM, Nirmal Lifestyles Pvt Ltd

Living confined is scary for her but yet one have to go through the grind. She is positive and hopeful and her mantra for staying positive is –“My regular workout, music and of course spending full time with my little munchkins.”

Ms Bhumikka Parellkar-Founder of MUDRRAM, A holistic approach to wellness 

Her Mantra, “Acceptance and adaptability always makes you accommodate in any situation.”

Ms Hira Rani Singh-Retired Academician

She has seen a life and been through many ups and downs. Positivity and hope are her driving force. She has eloquently put across her point and she says, “Our mind plays games with us. Faced with adversities or unprecedented situations, it tries to run away, tries to hide and may subject us to meek surrender. It’s all there in mind and hence we sometimes call it “Mind Matters”. It’s ok to be scared, but it’s not ok to surrender. Things are bad, the storm is scary but just remember that this will also pass. It was clear before this tempest and it will be clear after this.”

These are few but practical approaches to remain positive. What are yours? Would love to hear from you.

Let’s be positive and make this world positive…..

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