What Vibes Do You Get When You Keep These At Home?

What vibes you get when you keep these at home? Guide to a positive home

Does your home reflect positivity?As much as it is important to have your body and mind propelled with positive thoughts, your space around you also needs to be illuminated with bliss and strengths. If you still do not know what’s bothering your mood or you suddenly feel a personality change, try changing your home setting to gain back the lost focus and energy inside you.

We bear with our struggles at work, compete with the negative energy around us that needs to be dealt with. It should be a pleasant setting and a peaceful environment when your return to your nest after a tiresome day. The art of Vaastu-shastra and Feng Shui has thrown the light repeatedly on the importance of keeping things at home in such a fashion that they emit positive energy. A great way to get nurtured in a salubrious surrounding.

It is never a treat to see a cluttered and ill-organised space when you enter your abode. Some energies cannot be seen but can be felt with great intensity. Believe it or not, the energy in your home space plays a very important role to your health, wealth and happiness and that’s the bottom-line.

So how do you actually improve your home setting so as to yield positivity? And what do these things have to tell when you keep them at home? Check them out.

1. Artificial flowers

A bunch of fresh cut flowers gives a boost of mood with its pleasantness. But does a stick of artificial one, give the same vibration? Well, the answer is yes. A colourful bunch of artificial flowers can give a similar amount of blissfulness, but, of course, a smell.

Keep small bunches everywhere, wherever your sight go often. They can do wonders to your mood and calm your senses. Merely looking at the flowers give an instant vibe of positivity. A great soother and a feeling of satisfaction is what, the flowers can do.

2. Indoor plants

I am no interior expert or a Vaastu advisor but can certainly vouch for the amazing effect of keeping plants indoor. Well, for starters, a proven effect of purifying the air around you. Houseplants are strength providers and fill your space with high positive energy. These are easy to care and add to the beauty of your home. English Ivy, snake plants, ferns, bonsai and bamboo, are some plants that cater to mental and emotional fitness.

A flowering plant gives a certain amount of happiness and something to look forward to. Looking at a single bud shoots up the happiness quotient giving immense satisfaction.

3. Earthen pots