Valuable tips for pet birds

  • Your pet bird should have the biggest cage possible. The spacing and positioning of the cage bars are important. Certain birds need to climb around their cage for exercise. These kinds of birds include lovebirds, macaws, and parakeets too. So, ensure the cage has vertical as well as horizontal bars.

  • The bird should not be able to put its head through the bars. It will get stuck there. And could result in death.

  • Try to choose a bird that was separated from its mother at an early age. Birds that have been hand fed, adopt people easily. The budgies and cockatiels especially, get very tame and friendly. They are ideal choices for pet birds.

  • The birdcage should be placed in a draft-free area.

  • Birds need plenty of indirect sunshine. But don`t let the sun rays fall directly on the cage.

  • The living room is a good place to keep the cage. The birds feel better if they can see people around them.

  • Don`t place the cage near the kitchen or the garage. Any kind of fume or smoke affects the bird`s delicate respiratory system.

  • Pet birds don`t lie down. They are on their feet all day. So provide perches of various thickness for them. The best thing to do is to put a natural branch in their cage. Never use sandpapered branches. It damages the bird`s feet.

  • Keep the birdcage clean. The best way to go about it is to cover the floor with newspaper. This can be taken out and replaced whenever necessary.

  • Wash the bird`s water and food bowl regularly. Dry them completely before you put fresh bird food in them. Damp food breeds bacteria very soon.

  • Never use any chemicals to clean the cage while the bird is still in it. Transfer the bird to another cage. After you clean the cage, hang it up outside for a while. This will help dispel the toxic smell. Transfer the bird back to the cage only after the chemical smell is gone.

  • Birds need to eat a lot more than just seeds. Give them a variety of vegetables, fruits, and cereals. If your bird is not used to eating out of a bowl, you need to hang it around the cage.

  • Be careful while hand-feeding the bird. It could nip you.

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