Unplanned sudden one day trip!

?It was indeed a very unplanned and sudden one day trip which was decided at the nth moment and just started!

My husband is going onsite for more than 6months on project work. I was busy with office on weekdays and weekend German classes. My son was as usual busy with his 1st std school. We never thought we could squeeze in a little getaway considering the above facts. But the mere facts stopping us was the reason to take a break from routine and let go off the steam for a while!

It so happened, my first German class was cut short and I came home early by 4pm and told my husband, I have next day class at 2pm. So even if we leave now and go to a resort, we can check out by 11am next day and make it to the next class.

In that spark of the moment, my hubby immediately agreed and started searching for a room tat very night. Meanwhile I started packing our clothes and necessary accessories. We had little challenge in getting our toddler ready for the trip and it all started that very moment! 

We took out our Duster, which had come freshly after service that very day and started around 5pm to the resort which was booked near BAIL.

The journey was about 1 and half hours from our home, considering traffic and rain conditions and we reached the resort while it was raining around 6.30pm. My son had slept off during the journey and woke up fresh once we reached our room.

Since it was evening, all the guests were busy playing indoor games, we also joined queue playing one game after the other. We started with badminton courts, then went to play squash, carom and table tennis. By the time we finished our turns, it was dinner time. 

Again my son started getting cranky to eat, but thanks to smart phones convinced that we shall play his favourite show on phone while we eat at the restaurant and it all went smooth. We finished our dinner around 8.45pm and went back to room to watch our favourite Kabbadi matches. 

By the time the match ended, I was asleep. Then the father and son duo also went to sleep. It was a comfortable king size bed enough to accommodate all 3 of us. 

I'm an early to bed and early to wake kind of a person and hence I found myself awake in the wee hours of morning around 5.30am, I waited till the sun shone a bit and went for a walk around 6am. I covered each and every but of the resort on foot and captured all the beautiful scenery on my S10 smart phone gifted by my hubby.

But the time I reached back room it was almost 7.30am and my husband woke up then, to let me inside the room. We started to get ready and my son also woke up by 8am and we were all set for breakfast within half an hour. 

The rush hour for breakfast was on, and we finished it the next hour. Around 9.30am, we were ready to checkout from room. I suggested we take few more solo and family pictures to pin it straight in our hearts and album forever. 

Like this ended our much awaited unexpected sudden one day family trip. Hope you readers enjoyed reading the travel blog, stay connected to hear more from me on such topics!!

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