This Diwali, celebrate with a difference

?The month of October, that is lunar months of Asvina and Karthik is a celebration of 'Shakti”(energy),that is what I believe. This is not just on the pretext of positive energy but also the power of negative energy, if you welcome them. 

The auspicious moments in the beginning of the month, welcomes Durga, the supreme ‘shakti' and the slayer of Mahishasur, the cocoon of negativity showing the two forces clashing where one had to win. The month follows the destruction of Ravana, the Lankan King who was believed to have misused the powers bestowed upon him by Lord Shiva, to spread cruelty and evil. Here again, why should negativity survive? The killing of Ravana by the hands of Lord Rama, the eternal one, proves that every time it is the good that survives and evil has to diminish. The ancient times saw the solution of destroying the malicious mind by destroying the man himself but now the crux of evil is uprooted in a deeper sense.

It would make better sense now that one should remove the demon that’s inside you , that is negativity, anger, envious and laziness. But how will it be achieved? The answer lies in simplicity. The moment you withdraw from the complexities of life and follow a simple living, you have achieved it.

This month started with the pompous celebration of Navratri and Durga Puja a duration of fasts, vrats, Pooja and purity, a great way to purify the soul towards self realisation.

None would disagree that our souls are eternal and has existed since time immemorial. Fasting, spirituality, Pooja drives away the feelings of laziness, cravings and enhances attention.

Followed with a vibrant celebration of lights, Diwali…the ‘light’ that signifies values and illuminations that we need to keep in mind all our life.

 Nothing in the World is easy to attain, and this day marks that. The mythological event of churning of the Ocean among the Gods and demons for Amrit or ambrosia gave way to Goddess Lakshmi to arise from the realm proves that for every good thing to happen one must work very hard, so be it the gods. So would be related to the travelling and struggle of Lord Rama to get his wife back or of Lord Krishna who travelled from Dwarka to Assam to kill the horrific demon Narakasur. All these events occurred during the 5 days of Diwali denoting the win of light over darkness, good over evil and hardwork over laziness

Diwali was never about putting up lights or bursting crackers, which has been successful in attracting attention and becoming the sole purpose of the festival. The purpose lies in giving us an opportunity to rebuild that which has been destroyed or moving towards destruction. A kind of a second chance to make a better place around us.

I am going to give this Diwali a chance to myself to undo what has went wrong. Check these millennial ways for a better Diwali

My Green Diwali

I have done it and you too should try incorporating as many planters as you can around and inside your house. The greener, the livelier Diwali. The greens will boost your mood up and keep the air around you, clean. Make your Diwali resolution to keep your house 'green' and also inspire others to do so. You will be surprised to see how these succulents and crotons give a different meaning to your celebration.

• The Ancestral way

Let’s go back in time when Diwali was just about lighting the lamps and beautifying your home in a more traditional way. The power of lighting the oil lamps is what needs to be understood. The celebration of Diwali marks the welcoming of Lord Ram with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman on the Amavasya or no Moon night when there is no moonlight and villagers lighted lamps to illuminate the way with a series of lights called ‘Deepawali”. Also, It has been believed since the Rig Veda times that the coming of winters is a time when the insects and bacteria in the atmosphere multiply, being the ideal temperature for it. The insects have a tendency to get attracted to fire directing them towards it and killing instantly with the heat. Isn’t Diwali a good day to remember our ancestors, how they celebrated and made sense to every ritual that they followed. A classy Rangoli near your doorstep, few lighted lamps and an echt Pooja in the evening to give value to the festival will be the most calming celebration you’ve had.

• A Homemade delight

Remember that sweet aroma of coconut Laddoos and perfected gujiyas that our mothers used to make when we were young? I can still smell it in my memory. There is something wondrous about homemade delicacies, a sense of motherly satisfaction is what it gives. You can even wrap it up and replace it with a more traditional gifting option. All the more reason you should stick to homemade sweets is to avoid the sweets from shops where chances of adulteration increases during festivals and Isn’t your true wealth is your health above all!

• The Vibrant one

We prepare this day by renovating our houses and spring cleaning every corner to make our house ready to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, but our true wealth is the health. My house is gonna be ' health ready'. Changing the curtains and upholstery with a more vibrant colour to keep my mood boosted up and a happy feel around. All the gloomy corners will be lighted up and empty spaces be filled up with flowers, copperware and quirky pieces. Giving a brighter look to your house is giving a vibration to your health.

• The pleasure in “Giving”

I had collected a few old clothes of the my daughter’s and myself with some sweets to give to a needy one, and that smile that they gave back was soul pleasing. This Diwali make sure to spread some happiness. Distributing small packs of sweets or biscuits for children is a good way to start your Diwali day. You can make Diwali special for everyone especially the ones who are deprived of happiness.

• A day solely for the loved ones

Our families miss us and we miss them too. Make sure you meet your family if they live nearby, a good day to get those nostalgic memories and live the day with fun and laughter. What a 'picture perfect' day!

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