These 8 travel hacks will surely make your holiday stress-free

These 8 travel hacks will surely make your holiday stress-free and worthwhile

We travel to make memories. We scribble down the itinerary, pack our stuff and book our tickets, beforehand, all to make our travelling easy. But, a poorly planned travel can be daunting. We need to make a stress-free itinerary, a well-sorted packing and tickets need to be booked at the right time to have a great holiday.

After surfing the internet for all kinds of travel hacks, merely done to perfectly plan my travel...I have narrowed down to these most essential ones which I feel can make your journey a great one.

1. Travel fund-raiser

I am sure you have your expenses set aside for the big vacation, after all, any holiday incurs a good amount of expenditure. So why not a small contribution from now on to raise funds for those little expenditures that you had to leave with a heavy heart on your previous travel. These funds will prove to be helpful for emergency expenses during the travel or to get those pretty souvenirs you want to flaunt back home. You never know when a little extra expense might pop up.

2. Trick to get the best tickets rates

A simple trick to book cheaper tickets or hotels. Always search in an anonymous browser while looking for flight tickets, hotel rooms or any other reservations. Booking sites will track your cookies and increase the price if they know you have been there. So clear your cache every time you search. Make your reservations well in advance to get the best deal.

3. Short distance? Take your car

For building up memories of a lifetime, travelling by car is the smartest and most adventurous option. If you are hitting a nearby hill-station or if the beach is closer to you, travel-by-road is one economical bet. That ways you can save the enormous flight rates or even choose to slumber in your car, if hotel rooms are not happening… wink! Most of my travel had been in car and I have loved it. Just be a safe driver and follow the traffic rules.

4. A checklist of luggage- Take photos