The scarf

Madhav bhaiya also lived there in the hustle of small quaters along with his family. All the neighbours where like family .I with my joint family lived in the First quarter .We kids used to play around every evening and come back home before it's too dark. The bell for our time out was my grandpa's call . He used to stand at the door and called our names one by one .Me and my cousins would run inside the house before the call turned into scoldings.Some times we used to eat at shibu's house and sometimes vidhi's mumma fed us with parantha, sometimes a whole bunch of gully kids were seen at my house. In all this fun sometimes I would go missing.

Madhav bhaiya would always give some extra toffees to me. And at that young age I would think I am his favourite and he loved me the most. Only I dint like it when he peed in my undies. I was scared that mumma would get to know and think I have wet them. This happened many times and I liked his attention. Few days later I feel my clothes are becoming tight and my chest is swelling .I knew it would swell up like the Didis who stay near my house. And when Madhav bhaiya used to press it and suck it I dint like but I was scared to say it to anyone. I restrained going to his house but he would find some way to get me inside his room. One day my family members were out for a wedding and I was supposed to go after my exams. After the exam got over i was not happy to see Madhav bhaiya there to pick me up . We came back to my house . He took my school back and help me to unlock the door. He sat inside and asked for a glass of water. After serving water I asked him to go out so that I can change , but I was shocked and terrified when he said I can change Infront of him. He pulled me towards him and made me sit on his lap. I resisted. He switched on the TV in full volume. I yelled and cried . I picked up the jug full of water and hit him hard . Little more courage sipped in and I ran outside and started calling bindu aunty who used to stay in the 10th quarter. I could see his face turning red in fear . He ran out of his house and said don't call anyone I am going. Tears rolling down my cheeks , i was both sad and happy at the same time. I changed and took rs 20 for the the rickshaw and went to the wedding. I tried to talk to my mother but she was busy in the management and serving people like always .I even tried to talk to my dad but dint knew what to say. Slowly I grew up and learnt what has happened all these years. Who was at fault ??? Madhav bhaiya bhaiya alone or my family too who never saw the changes in my behaviour .How once a outgoing extrovert little girl turned into a introvert and was so conscious about her body who never left home without a scarf or a dupatta . That scarf made her feel safe and secured from all leachorous looks.

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