The journey called Life!!!

?It is all about love for me.  Falling in love has been the best thing that has happened in my life. Love is the drug, love is the reason I get up everyday with a smile. And 'YES' I love myself.  Their is no shame in admitting it. I have fallen in love with myself and life and taught it to me the hard way.

I was like any other girl with a broken heart rejected by men, rejected by carrier, rejected by family and society. I was going into depression and there was nothing to help me. To add to all of it my best friend was getting married and I was in no mood to celebrate her happiness. But as all good friends do I traveled for her wedding stayed at her place and did what needs to be done. I had also planned a trip after her wedding to Nepal. This was a solo trip, a turning point in my life. 

It was the 23rd of April 2015 I had sent my friend off for a happy married life and I was on my way to Nepal. My first solo trip. Excited and scared at the same time I took the tough route because I thought I deserved a tough life. Travelling from Kolkata to Raxol by train and then a 8 hours journey by cab I reached Kathmandu-Thamel. I hated the journey because it was so tiring and I had no rest what so ever even at the wedding. I was wondering how would I come back the same way and it would be impossible to do the whole journey again. I hit the bed early that day waiting for what the next day would bring.

The next day started with a wonderful serene morning with the mountains around and the cool air in my breath. I had booked myself with a adventure group called 'Last Resor't which was a 100 kms from Thamel. Reaching their office and meeting new people who were going to be my buddies for the rest of the trip. We were put up in a bus that took us to a resort that you can reach only via a rope way bridge which was also the bungee jumping point. 143mts in height. Just looking at the water flowing somewhere below gave me goosebumps and made my heart skip, God knows how many heart beats. Less did I know that I had to do something even more scarier than that. We walked up-to the resort and relaxed for a while during which they divided us into groups and sent us for different activities. I was sent for water fall Rappelling. Where you Rappel down a waterfall and experience nature with the water pushing you down the cliff and you enjoying the flow while holding your balance steady. We were walking down the terrain and there were people from different parts of the world who had come to have a great experience. I was having a great time with them. Their was this guy who was a mechanic in France. He had accumulated his money and was on a 6 month trip all around Asia and Nepal was on his itinerary. I was amazed at how he took his life into his hands and made things happen. I was glad to get to know him. We had started our rappel. When it was my turn I was all tied up and ready the take my first step at the edge of the water fall, feeling the water gush against me.

Something happened!!!

The whole mountain started shaking and I could fell each part of my body shaking along with it. With such a sudden jolt the guy who was assisting me pulled me, untied me and told me to run. We ran for our lives with boulders tumbling down the mountain and coming towards us. Escaping it we managed to run to shelter where we waited not knowing what to do next. We were hit by an earthquake, a massive one, Nepal has never witnessed before. We were stranded on the mountain for 3 hours, biting time not knowing what to do. During this time the mountain would keep shaking and stop suddenly and would start shaking again.

And then it happened!!!

We got a chance to run out of the place and escape back to the resort. When we reached the resort everything was gone. The beautiful place suddenly did not exist. It was only rubble. We managed to scrape through the stuff and I got my baggage from which I took my passport, wallet and mobile phone. Once out we had a big task in hand. We had to cross the mountain and reach the other side through the shaking rope bridge in between the shaking mountains. With our hands on the rope and our hearts in our mouth we ran. Often losing balance but not giving up we reached the other side safely. We were joined by the rest of our team and that when our minds relaxed a bit. 

It was night we had settled on a clearing along with the rest of the crew. We were 100 people from all over the world and we had no clue what to do next. It was getting cold and no one had anything with them, everything was left at the resort. One man was dead and several were injured. Sitting in front of the fire I understood the value of life. The fact that this is all I have, me and myself. Suddenly the fog settled and I understood how granted I was taking my life. We all think that we have a long life to live and many people to please, but in reality we have a uncertain life to live and no one cares who we please. 

The night was managed with slow rumbles from the mountain and a scary movement from time to time. The morning came and it was time to take some tough decisions. There was a group of 7 Indians who were planning on leaving the place and finding help because the electricity was gone, no network, no way of contacting our loved ones and the government had declared a national emergency with the complete country shut down in every possible way.

No one knew we existed!!!

With two minds whether to join this group and go find help or stay back in the comfort zone. I bet against the odds and joined the group, another couple came along and they gave me some of their clothes as I had none with me. I was in my rappelling suite. We walked out leaving everything we own and everyone behind with the hope to find help. We walked for 30Kms that day and reached a village right in the middle of no where. This is where I had my first meal after 2 days.

Keep reading and I will post my next blog which will be the continuation of the same story soon. Do comment and let me know what you think happened next. 

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