Children need recreational activities

Being a mother ,I can very well think and formulate the need of children. Children definitely need recreational activities . With the advent of living in societies and apartments, the modern children life is just moving towards lots of pressure on them. Sure parents can give them their needs and wants but what about the mental and physical growth? The Netflix and video gaming or going out to a dance school or a karate class is required,but definitely all of these activities are monitored by either parents or coaches or teachers. So a child's alone time is very less these days. Children need to think independently in order to act in the daily relationships and responsibilities which they will have to bear in the future.. There is need for more playtime for children during weekends as the homeworks are so depressing and harness the little masters of their destiny. So as parents we should check their mental growth and wellness by letting them themselves for a while and indulge in their life. We as parents can monitor from keeping an eye to them and being there for them when they need our advice or attention.

Let them sweat a bit, play in the open ground, make new friends and do some fights,let tjem feel free,so that they can come up with answers themselves otherwise we will just create a bunch of problem driven negative batch of youngsters. The age requires their brain nutrition, to rationalize,to think to create,to imagine.

Let them develop and grow naturally too. Dont pressurise.

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