The Wind Will Tell Her Story

Nirmala was a girl who used to live in a small village of Odisha. She was from a noble family. Her father was a primary school teacher in Kolkata. But soon because of his mother's interference, he became unemployed (cases of a human killing bear). 

Nirmala's mother was a housewife and illiterate. She was the only child of her parents. 

Having an unemployed teacher, as a father in the home, brought nothing but only fear of being scolded or wrong. The girl grew up hating studying and her father. When other girls went to play, she was forced to study. But she escaped to freedom during the school time and beaten to death when the teachers came complaining. 

So, enduring this type of thing from time to time, finally, she gave up on her studies and devoted herself to the problem making on every day. That included throwing a stone on people passing by the road; putting a straw in a moving cycle wheel; stealing fruit from others backyard; engaging in arguments with everyone, irrespective of age, gender and so on.

Her hopeless father assumed that he had never had any child. And her poor mother had never found a way to make her only child obedient.

The girl had her father's attitude; speaking of mind and Fearless. And from a patient, lovely, caring mother's nature, she had only got the command on the argument.

Time passed, seasons changed and a time came when everything changed overnight. Nirmala's mother died from Yellow Fever and before she could get over the grief, she was married to a businessman. Her father sold their last bit of property and went to the nearest Ashram, for a peaceful life.

Now, when Nirmala opened her eyes, she found herself in a new world, far from her beloved village, where she had lived 19 years of her life. All the memories of her friends, family, came before her. She closed her eyes, saying goodbye to them for the last time before starting a new life. 

-"Nirmala", a sweet whispering voice called her name from the other side of the bed. It was her husband. A guy in his mid-twenties, with a mature face and innocent eyes. He can do anything to please his wife. For him, she was the only one. His parents were long dead when he was just a little child. He grew up with his maternal uncle and learned the business. Now he had his own land to grow vegetables and sell. He was happy and content with his life and treasured his wife the most.

As Nirmala curled up around her husband's arm, she swore herself to be strong, as strong as her mother.

After some years, Nirmala made herself popular. She had given a great hand of help to her husband in business. Not a single day was escaped from the customers, as they started selling vegetables from their own home now. No one was allowed to leave until she filled them in with more than the price. 

Money didn't work for her. She built a water tank outside her home for everyone who passes by the road and got thirsty. Beggars, who came across her home, was given food. No one had ever returned in an empty hand from her home.

Nirmala, who used to be careless and loved to fly like a butterfly, was now turned to be a responsible woman. The woman with dignity, kindness, love, and patience. "Where does the Earth hides her jewels? - In Women!!!"

Time flew and Nirmala became a mother now. One, two, three, four, five and six; five girls and one boy child; each varying 1 or 2 years from each other. She had a big family now. Motherhood made her more excited but a little tired. Yet she never abandoned her duties for others. She only knew how to serve, how to give, as much as she can. Whenever she helps the needy, She felt her mother's presence beside her. She never forgot her wet eyes and teeth less smile.

Before Nirmala got her 7th pregnancy, the doctor had warned her, about the risk in further childbearing. But she seemed to have something else on her mind. She took the risk. When the time came, the neighborhood old granny came to help. The nurse of the near hospital was also present there. But that didn't help her much. After giving birth to a boy child, she died. 

Some suggested that her body was too weak, some said the ignorant nurse killed her. As for the real reason, that was got buried with her, under the grave. 

But for someone like Nirmala, Another world is not only possible, she is on the way and on a quiet day, if you listen very carefully you can hear her breathe. She will be there to share your worries, to ease your pain. The wind will tell her story. Time will carry the importance of her presence.

I, Binita, a daughter of a friend of Nirmala, often asked my mother, -"But why even Aunt wanted more child?". To answer, my mother would say, - "She cannot commit a crime by going against God's blessings". Then I would again ask,- "Why are you not like your friend?", - "Because your father is a govt. employee and cannot have more than two children".

Her answer makes me wonder about all those strong women who has not married to govt. employee and fear to act against God's blessings. I also wonder if Nirmala aunt would be able to protect herself, before protecting others, in her next life! I wonder if she could be able to love God, instead of fearing him! I wonder if she could write a different story next time!

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