The Shackled Society

People couldn't care less when she expressed her dreams and ambitions. Her parents has already married her off; you ask about her husband? He was freed from the evils of the world, that when his body burned under the blazing woods along with her wife's red clothes and shackles, her tears were replaced by a smile. No, she wasn't cruel, her husband had suffered a lot, and witnessing his peaceful departure, she knew that he would wish for his family to live a peaceful life.

Madhu, the Hindi word for honey; she surely did live up to her name. Her husband died of cancer. People often expected that his death would be agonising for him, and that he would suffer through his illness, but people expect a lot of things and the sole key to happiness is in fact not trying to live up to expectations but to love.  Madhu had the most important version of that, she had self love and even I had came to the realisation that people cannot love you until you love yourself.  Madhu was my 25 year old neighbour. The society often expressed her as an ideal of bad luck, but I choose to differ.  Her life hadn't ended but in fact just began, and Madhu didn't need me or any other person out there to tell her that. She was the wittest person I had ever met. The society was a world where woman like Madhu were labled as a lifeless widow, but Madhu's ideals were beyond the reaches of the mortal world: what the society expected wasn't a matter of recognition. 

"Don't you miss being married or being treated right? Don't you sometimes feel that maybe if he didn't die then you could be living a better life?"

I heard Madhu's sister talking to her on the rooftop. It wasn't my slightest intention to eavesdrop on their conversation, but I couldn't help myself from craving to hear her response. God wanted otherwise, for she spoke none, but her smile spoke her heart and it was a fact that she did miss her husband but proving the world wrong about their respective on woman and widows was what she wanted to achieve now. They say that every cloud has a silver lining and Madhu had her fingers across those, as she cheerfully played with it. 

Madhu's husband had a business that had went bankrupt due to his excessive greed. His business partners had seen his death as an opportunity to expand their shares. As I had mentioned, Madhu was a witty person, she too had this opportunity to follow her passion in management, her bloods spat entrepreneur. They had already labeled her as an unworthy woman but what they didn't know was that she was capable to do the impossible. 

She taught me many things in my life. Perhaps, the most important one might have been the one where she quoted, "Expectations aren't your shackles, you thinking that you are trapped in them are" 

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