The Resonance Of Her Presence

                                        The Resonance Of Her  Presence 

I see her everyday up and about quite early in the morning. When the light penetrated around and broke the chords of the darkness with dawn, I see her. Like a lightening strike in the fathomless storm, her will to nurture never faded. She is determined instantly. Various things fired around in her mind and she was at her sharpest best. This avatar of hers is one of the numerous hues of her personality.

“Amma! I’m late for college. Where is my lunch box?” Called her seventeen year old son.

Geetha hurried inside the kitchen and filled the small steel box with fried potatoes she made especially for her son. He loved the combination of the fried vegetables with hot rotis(flat bread).

“Coming right away,” She responded immediately.

She placed the lunch box into her son’s college bag and kept it at the windowsill so that Rajesh could see it.

The latter came hurrying into the hall. He stopped short and waited for the bite of the food that Geetha pushed into his mouth. He kept himself busy with combing his wet hair.

“You are seventeen and still can’t manage time,” Geetha scolded him mildly.

Rajesh grinned at her.

“Why should I? Amma is always there to look after me,” He said teasingly.

Geetha admonished him with a look and pushed more food into his mouth. She started to fuss over him but he kept grinning and walked out of the house after giving her a hug.

“Bye, Amma. Take care of yourself,” He smiled and left in a hurry.

Geetha shook her head and smiled to herself. She moved around and froze abrupt. She slid her eyes back to the windows. The glass panes reflected herself. Her face. Her hair. A little greys here and there. She was in her early thirties. She had on lines around her eyes and mouth. But they weren’t tired and frustrated ones. She saw her mother in her eyes and her mother in law in her movements. I saw her then. A reflection of mine standing there tall and proud. It was quite an ordinary life she lived. But hey the journey began with her being an infant. Now she lived an eternity. Being a friend. Being a student. A rebellious teen. An understanding daughter later. A married woman. A mother. She was an entrepreneur of life itself.

“Geetha? Aren’t you late for work?” She heard her husband's husky voice penetrate in her ears.

She came out of the trance and smiled at Naveen. He gave her a quizzical look.

“What misted your eyes?” He asked tenderly.

“Nothing. I was only cutting onions,” She said smilingly.

He shook his head and buttoned his shirt.

“It was my turn to cook today. I’m sorry I got up late. You got to do everything alone,” He apologized sheepishly.

“You take the next two times,” She replied sliding her chin up.

He glanced around at her and bowed his head.

“Of course. At your service always, Ma'am.”

His eyes twinkled with warmth. The laughter lines around his eyes and mouth were the ones she experienced with him together. They were partners in everything. They both took promises together.

Geetha shook her head and squared her shoulders. There still was a long way to go. She went inside her room and donned on her uniform. She and her husband were circle inspectors of two different areas of Hyderabad. She looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t just pride she felt. It was a dream that got fulfilled. It was the inner motivation and self confidence that she had which helped her in achieving what she had now. The world is now hers. It hasn’t changed. But power can turn tables when conquered with perseverance.

She was a voice among the numerous sounds. Geetha's inner conscious was a relentless spirit. She encourages many woman like me who sees her from the confines of a mirror. She inspires all to dream big and achieve. There should never be a hesitation when caring self. This story is for those who want to break barriers of doing anything, of achieving anything, but are pushed back by their own demons. Because nothing can bring down a determined mind. The world is going to listen only when the voices gain weight because a revolution is never ignored. It will be revelled and welcomed with open arms.

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