The Longing in my Heart

Looking at the moon and yearning for it to become close, made me realize that somethings even if it is far away, would never stop its influence on us. My love for you started somewhat that way. I never planned to fall for your charms nor did I want to get trapped in the cage of memories. But you were irresistible. Like a tree, meant to shed leaves every year, I too started to shed my protective shell and took slow steps towards you. Taking your hand, holding them, made me feel so calm especially during those hard days. I became addicted to your presence and every time we met I wished you stayed longer. Every time I saw you, the twinkle in my eyes made it too obvious that I like you.

  You made me believe in the stars, you promised me that our love would too shine like them, forever. All this time, I thought that it was me who fell for you first. But now, after reading your diary, I know it wasn't me. It is so good to know that you even stalked me before our first official meeting. I always thought me meeting you was fate. It was way too natural for me. I got first prize for story writing competition coordinator it was your duty to meet and inform students to collect prizes. Well, I thought it was all destiny but no. You liked me from the first day of college and wanted us to be friends. You deliberately organised the competition knowing how much I loved writing. Now that I look back to the day we met, more than my twinkling eyes, I can picture yours which kept shining. Reading our story through your perspective brings more colour to our love. I regret not reading it sooner. Well, it was your fault, you asked me to read it whenever I miss you and you never gave a chance to miss you. But today, I missed you badly and thought your diary would comfort me. In this diary, I saw my star shining once again even though you left like a shooting star without even a goodbye. I keep longing for the past but all I can do is wait for you to be back. I don't know why you had to leave but I know that you won't let me wait in despair. I will be longing with all my will till you come back from your wanderings to the body which lies before me, tangled in all sorts of cables. I will pray for your health and wish that you would open your eyes and give me that smile like you used to give me every day.       

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