The Gem Clips

The Gem clips

Grabbing her coat, slinging her backpack pack ,Meena was about to leave her office. Suddenly she stopped at her desk and picked the little box of Gem clips instinctively and ran towards the lift to reach the bus stop to catch the last bus.

Meena , a fresh graduate , fair , with black soft hair , had recently joined this advertising office. Right from her school days she was good in creative writing and sketching, which helped her to get the present job without much efforts or recommendations.

“ Wait! Oh god”, shouting Meena ran after the last bus which left just then. “ Stupid driver. Couldn’t he wait for two minutes. The old slow elevator- uff I should have taken the staircase” murmured Meena.

She took out her mobile to call her room mate. “ Oh no! The battery has totally drained out. What next? Should I go back to office charge the phone and come back. But it’s weekend, the janitor must have locked the office and left. Let me see if I can get a cab or lift from any passing vehicle”. Meena went to the bench in the corner and waited patiently for some transport to come her way.

She put her hand in the coat pocket and felt the box of Gem clips. She brought them out and opened the little box. Sparkling red, white and golden clips neatly spread in the box in a small zip -lock bag for extra protection. She carefully lifted the bag and spread the contents on the bench.

The sight of the sparkling clips , stirred the artist in her and not bothering about going home, lovingly she picked up a red , white and a golden colour clip. The golden clip was the main body and she attached on the the red clip on the bottom and the white clip side ways and imagined it as a young girl with a red skirt and a white blouse. She christened her “Clipsy” and made her stand in the crevices of the bench.

Now she picked up one more golden clip and attached two white on the bottom and the red on the top side ways. She imagined him as young boy with a red shirt and white trousers.She named him “Clipy” and made him stand a little distance from Clipsy.

Meena felt hungry. She looked into her backpack found a small cookie packet and hungrily brought it out. Ate it greedily , sipped water from her half filled bottle and instead of throwing the wrapper , she made an interesting hat using one more clip as a frame for Clipsy and a cap for the Clipy . She adorned them respectively . With the left out piece of the wrapper she made an attractive handbag using some more clips for Clipsy and smiled at the thought how many accessories a girl needs.

The vacant road, the empty bus stop and the dead phone gave her no hope of going back to her flat soon. She wondered if her room mate Anita would put her dinner in the microwave.She came back to her clips and made a chain using different combinations and permutations and hung it from back rest of the seat as a little decoration.

Slowly her eyes started drooping , resting her arm across the backrest , Meena put her head down and fell asleep. She must have barely slept for five minutes when she felt someone tapping her shoulders. She woke up with a start and saw two youngsters standing near her smiling. Their faces seemed a bit longish but could not be seen clearly with their over sized hats.

With a puzzled look she asked “Hi guys how did you manage to come here. I didn’t hear any sound . What are you doing here at this hour? Do you live around here? Or out on a night stroll? A volley of questions were directed at the duo.

The girl spoke “ Hi !we live close by . We saw you sitting alone and wanted to talk to you. Meet my boyfriend. He loves to tag along wherever I go. How about you? Do you have one?” Meena blushed with this sudden personal question.

Meena remembered how she had a crush for a classmate in her school and was determined to spend all her life with him but the romance ended when both of them left for different cities after high school. Initial tears, calls and letters slowly dwindled at the new place with new friends.

Meena resolved never to again fall in love. She worked hard to go to the best creative arts college.

. The First year was spent in knowing the subjects, classmates and teachers. The second year , she met him. Recently transferred from another college. Handsome, attractive smile straight from a Mills and Boons story. How her heart fluttered to see him . How much care she took of her makeup and how she waited for him at the college gate to see him. But never had the guts to express her feelings. Time passed in a wink, and at the end of college , this too was a one- sided love story.

Out of her reverie, she noticed the two youngsters were lovingly holding their hands and trying to look into each other’s eyes barely feeling her presence. She wished someone exclusively would be around to love her and make her feel on cloud nine. Someone would wait like her roommate ‘s boyfriend and who would drop and pick her from the office on his bike.

The only love for her was brush, paint and sketches. She coughed softly to make the youngsters to know she was still around. They smiled at her and started walking , suddenly the girl turned “ Thank you for the nice dress, hat and bag and the lovely names”.Meena looked around and Gem clip figurine were gone!

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