The Blue Stone

"Do you want to be my friend?,"Nick asked me".

I shivered with this sentence, in my life this is the horrible sentence. 

I remember that day when I was six years old and was playing in my backyard with mud and water. I was trying to make clay pot. 

While digging into the mud I found a small blue coloured stone. It was so pretty. I put that stone on my clay pot to decorate it. 

I happily run to show that to my mom and dad in house. "Mom dad look I had made this beautiful pot. "I shouted with excitement.

Mom came from the kitchen and dad from his study and looked at the pot than they looked each other and both of them laughed. 

I felt they were laughing at me and started crying than mom came near me and wiped out my tears from my cheeks with her thumb and said," it's beautiful my dear son you only need to practice more." 

I nodded in agreement and put the pot near the fire to dry it's clay.

After dinner before going to my room I went to saw the pot to know did it dry or not.

"Oh wow it's dry now " I shouted in excitement.

"Don't touch it ,Tom! It's very hot. Let it dry. You can play with it tomorrow now go sleep good night dear." Mom said while kissing on my forehead.

"Ohh ok mom, good night". I wished and went to my room.

I was too tired so I slept soon.

In middle of the night I heard some voices and thought it just a dream and didn't care much.

Some one wispered in my ear,"Tom! Tom!" And the next second I felt someone threw me from the bed.

"Ahhhh, mom dad". I was so scared that time that continuously shouted and wept.

They came in my room, mom hold me in her arms and dad questioned me what happened.

I told them that someone called my name and then threw me from the bed.

"But no one is there my child", dad said after inspecting the whole room.

"No no dad some was here " I sobbed.

"Ok ok come with us, don't cry we are here." Mom said hugging me.

I went to my mom's room and slept there.

Next day after lunch mom and dad went to my neighbour uncle Bruce for meeting him.

I was all alone that time and was playing with my pot.

I rubbed the stone for clean it and saw it glows. I wondered how and so happy to saw that glow.

In a second I felt someone near me I turned to look but no one was there.

Tom! Tom! I heard some whispered and tried to move but I couldn't, I was freezed.

I tried to call mom and dad but my throat was jammed too. 

Some black shadow moving near me and I saw two dark red eyes met mine and asked me ,"Do you want to be my friend?"

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