When you get up early in the morning it matters how is your mood,are you happy and most importantly whether are you ready for the day?? 

Everyday has something new to do,if you desire you can do that,to learn something new,to experience something new,to challenge someone,to Help someone,to bring smile in someone's face....

But,if you start your day in bad mood and negative thoughts oh no I have the samethings to do today,I am so tired,wish I could sleep for some more time and so on...the one who rise with complaints end with giving excuses and complete dissatisfaction in their life...

If you have a habit of waking up early you will see the beauty of the day which has positivity a lesson to learn I rise everyday I shower my blessings on you,now it's your turn ... Let's begin,let's start,let's have some fun who knows Kal ho na ho!!!

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I believe in Hardwork,if you are really passionate about anything dn't ever give up unless you achieve it...Trust yourself ..