She, Man Of The House

She doesn’t always cook and clean for her son. She doesn’t dedicate all her time to his homework and activities. She can’t afford to fuss around him too much, because there are hundreds of children, younger than her own, waiting for her analysis and treatment.  

She belongs to a middle class family, her father being a government servant and her mother, a teacher. A topper throughout, she could choose any field she wanted. And despite all the discouragement regarding the long period of graduation and after, she insisted on studying medicine, just because she wished to serve.

Her diligence secured her an MBBS seat in a top government medical college. But perhaps like many parents, hers were a bit too concerned about her wedding. So just as she stepped out of MBBS, she stepped into matrimony.

Handsome, well qualified and rich, her husband and his parents didn’t initially object to her internship. But being a medical intern demanded time and energy and his family would often complain about her long hours at the hospital. The solution he came out with was primitive and outdated, but succeed he did. She was soon mother to a beautiful boy.

But his arrival brought in more struggles, she insisted on going ahead with post- graduation and the family ceased to cooperate. Her husband, who had promised all support , turned his back. He believed she had to stay at home tending to her son and his parents all the time.

The taunts and the jibes followed suit, but for a pretty long time, she was careful not to let her parents know. Her mother was under medication for hypertension, she fretted a lot about her daughter, she just hoped things would fall in place gradually. She would shuttle between lectures, her patients, her family and their demands.

Her son’s teachers remarked that he was kind of different from the rest at pre-school. Her colleagues recommended a test and he was diagnosed with hyperactivity. All hell broke loose when she revealed this to her husband. They instantly labelled her son ‘disabled’ and in a few days, she observed their growing indifference towards the kid.

 On confronting her husband, he declared he was pretty much upset about having a son with a so-called disorder. So to keep the marriage going and please his parents, he wanted ‘normal’ children, very soon.

That was the turning point in her life, she had had enough. She packed her clothes, took her son’s bag and shifted to the hostel. Her parents were informed and both families tried for a reconciliation. But she was clear, there would be none. She could perhaps forgive his parents, but an educated man who couldn’t accept his own son and treated him like an outcast, could never be a competent father, or a husband.

She remained calm through her bitter divorce proceedings, she knew that was the only solution to provide a good life to her son. But then started the real battle, her strive to complete her education and find a good job. Her parents were ready to lend support, but she would take none of it. In spite of a broken marriage, young baby and academics, she excelled, being top of her class in MD, Neuroradiology.

Of course there was a plethora of brilliant job opportunities in India. But many a times, relatives make life tough for a young divorcee, especially a woman, urging her to remarry. Proposals started pouring in, but she didn’t wish to give marriage a second shot, she wasn’t sure how a step father would treat her son. She couldn’t take the risk. Moreover, her parents were retired now. They had slogged all life for her, she owed them a comfortable life.

Dr.She now resides in Calgary, Canada. Her parents stay with her, she’s providing them with the life she always wished to. Her son is doing really well, the pressure of academics being slightly lesser abroad.

She’s a Neuroradiologist, it’s her responsibility to accurately investigate the ailment and prescribe the course of treatment for many.

She’s also the man of her house, she dons multiple roles. Brilliant doctor, single mother, caring daughter… She makes sure her family isn’t deprived of anything. She drives them somewhere every weekend, so she could make up for the time she didn’t spend with them. I have seen her take various challenges, head on, with energy, enthusiasm and a sweet smile. And trust me, she has always emerged a winner.

I can’t think of a stronger woman, if only I could be a part of what she is.

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