6 Ways to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

From the age of Adam and Eve to the current modern society, women have always been very fond of hairdos and hair styles. Hair requires proper care and protection for proper growth. Each strand of hair is a protein structure which requires proper conditioning and taming to grow longer, stronger and thicker. Accept it or not, dense hair attracts our eyes. Just like the human body, hair too needs proper nutrition at proper intervals. Behold ladies; do not take this for granted! You will repent later!

There are a number of natural ingredients that enhance hair growth. To name a few; hibiscus, lime, egg yolk, aloe vera, coconut water are some of the constituents of herbal shampoo. Below mentioned are a glimpse of the activity and the effect of these.


Women are so fond of flowers and love to adorn their hair with flowers. There are flowers that can not only beautify your hair; but can also be used as hair growth accelerators. Hibiscus is the best nutrition to your hair. Not only the flower, but also the leaves can be utilised in hair oil. Hibiscus promotes hair growth by secreting keratin, which is the basic protein structure of hair. Just a handful of hibiscus leaves and flowers are sufficient for your hair. All you have to do is grind them to a paste and apply on the hair with subsequent washing. Hibiscus acts as a hair conditioner as well by smoothening and softening the hair.




Lemon has high citric acid content. Citric acid is the building block of vitamin C and it cleanses the hair scalp. Lemon wipes off all dandruff from the hair. It is advisable to dilute lemon in water and apply on the head and then wash the hair. This strengthens the hair and prevents hair losses too. Lemon also sweeps off oil from hair.



The best remedy for hair fall that is followed for centuries is the application of coconut oil on the scalp. This is what we hear from our grandmother every morning; oil your hair before a shower! Coconut oil has all essential fatty acids to build up a long, thick hair. Hair glistens with oil and oil makes it look softer and shinier. It moisturises the hair and prevents the breakage of dry follicles. Oil must be applied gently onto the hair follicles and the scalp. Intense rubbing on hair results in frictional resistance and attraction of all dust particles. It is hence better to oil the hair twice or thrice a week and wash atleast once a week. Coconut water is also a healthy food to hair. Brushing coconut water on hair prior to bathing enhances hair growth.



Yeah, it might sound weird that egg is the best food for your hair! Egg is a natural blend of proteins and necessary fats. Crack open an egg, beat it up and brush it on your hair. After an hour or so, rinse it up with warm water and apply shampoo. Just don't mind that stinky smell for sometime until you wash it off! A drop of neem oil with the eggs provides an anti septic shield to the scalp. Apply this hair mask and witness the hair grow stronger!



The fruits of the shrub Acacia Concinna; also known as shikakai is the most famous hair growth promoter. The seeds, bark and leaves are all dried and ground into a powder. The powder is made to a paste by just addition of water and applied on the hair and washed. This is a natural shampoo! It infuses all the required nutrients on the pores of the head and induces hair growth.



Aloe Vera is one of the fastest growing plant species containing enzymes that can regrow hair from hair cells. The fleshy leaves can be grown inside your living room with very less water. The sticky fluid tucked inside the leaves is the secret agent of hair growth. Ground well to a slimy paste, it appears like a gel. Layer the gel onto the scalp and wash the hair with shampoo. The shine will leave you spellbound.





1. Do not keep your hair tied all time. This is what all of us do; put a band right around the hair so stiff and thick. Hair accessories like hair band can pull off and break a whole strand of hair. Wearing clips too tight can result in clogging of blood in that area. Clipping hair all time in the same place leads to permanent hair loss. Loosen your hair as and when you go for a nap.

2. Try to keep the head closed with a mask and cover up your hair whenever you go out on a dusty road. This prevents hair damage.

3. Keep in mind not to oil the hair every day. At the same time, do not wash hair on a daily basis either. Keep the hair moisturised as needed.

4. Avoid excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners for a better cause. Straighteners iron the hair strands just like an iron box. It causes brittleness and breakage.


5. Apply shampoo from the scalp and descend downwards. Apply only as much shampoo as required and gently spread the shampoo throughout.


Irreparable damage, untimely hair fall, brittleness and breakage are the scary consequences of poor hair care. Hair growth ultimately depends on the intake of proper nutrients. Healthy and nutritious diet is a sign of good hair growth.

Take some time every day to nurture the hair. Don’t fall a prey to the hair loss problems. Eat healthy, stay healthy! After all, healthy hair is also a sign of robust health!

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