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10 Travelling Tips for Women Travelling for the First Time Alone

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

                                    -Robert Frost

                                        The Road Not Taken

Many women love to travel alone as it makes them feel liberated. However, travelling alone for a woman is a huge challenge in itself, but women are making the most out of it. If you’re planning to travel alone, then here are a few tips for you to consider.

1) Planning

Planning is the most important step for a solo traveller. You will have to do a lot of research before choosing a place you want to visit. The next important thing is to look for accommodation, restaurants and cab services. There are various aspects of your trip you need to plan before you fly off to your chosen destination. Prepare a detailed itinerary consisting of your flight and hotel details. This will help you not to miss out on things you want to do. Also, forward your itinerary to your parents, so that they are aware of your whereabouts.

2) Packing

Buy a good travel friendly bag pack for your trip. Also remember the great packing mantra “less is more.” Carry only essential items such as an extra pair of undergarments and your toiletries. You need to dress appropriately to show some respect towards the local people. Don’t carry a lot of beauty products rather just a few essential things that will make you feel dressed up. Try to carry your own sanitary napkins, and a small hair dryer. Also, carry an extra pair of sandals, and a few safety pins as they might come handy. 

3) First-Aid Kit

Carry a small first-aid box with all the essential medicines along with a few band-aids and a mosquito repellent cream.

4) Mobile Accessories 

Don’t forget to recharge your cell phone with a good roaming plan or buy a Matrix SIM card. Along with your mobile charger also carry a fully charged power bank. Carry an international travel adapter as power supplies vary in different countries.

5) Safety

Solo women travellers are considered to be easy targets and so safety precautions are necessary. Download safety alert apps from your android play store such as Raksha or Stay Secure on your cell phone. Avoid wearing any jewellery while travelling and carry a pepper spray for your self-defence. You should never carry more money than you actually need. Avoid going to a new place after dark. While boarding a taxi note down the number and the owner’s phone number. Inform your friend or a close family member about your whereabouts. Be careful with alcohol as it can make you more vulnerable. Try to carry an ID proof, rather than your passport. 

6) Small Talk