One of a kind love

He was an army captain. All disciplined and punctual. Tall, dark, handsome and the most eligible bachelor. A loving and caring only son he was. His parents were looking for a good match for him and so they found one. She was beautiful, naive, had pretty long hair and was an artist. They got engaged and the love season started. Were inseparable and perfect for each other but life had other plans for them. 

Soon before marriage, Alka suffered from a bout of fever and diarrhea and in no time developed paralysis of both legs. She was taken to the hospital but was one of those unfortunate people who were destined to live with numb legs lifelong. Guillain Barre syndrome it was. It was not only a medical illness but the greatest tragedy of her life. She almost gave up on life and asked Ravi to marry some other girl as she was nothing else but a liability for him.

Ravi's parents also tried convincing him to forget her and that they'll find another match for him so that he could have a happy married life. But Ravi was adamant as he had decided to marry Alka no matter what. Against all odds he married her and promised her that he'll be a responsible husband and a caretaker.

She was bound to a wheelchair and was totally dependant on him. He used to help her in her daily activities starting from brushing teeth to taking bath and combing her long, pretty hair. They used to go together to the social gatherings and his love for her was truly unconditional. 

So it was one decision which changed their life. They were made for each other and shared their forever bond happily. Their love was one of a kind and their life was an inspiration to all.

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