New Version: Men are fro Mars , Women from Venus

Career consciousness! 

“A new concept: Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”


" Career Conscious are from Mars and homemakers are from Venus"

Let’s Re-think over it!

It has always been a notion that men are more practical and are insensitive, less caring, and less responsible towards family, towards women of family, easier going. And it has always been attached to tendency of mars people the men,  as these are men traits. More traits of men as defined to be from “Mars”.

Mars represents energy, aggression, desire, competition and sex drive. Mars is the masculine, assertive energy in a person’s chart, whereas, Venus represents feminine, passive energy.

Let’s go back to where the humankind started.

Men has been given or defined to be given more muscular power to attain and perform certain task to fulfill needs of hunger of self and dependents. With this process are associated many other responsibilities.

Hinduism mentions ten major duties as:

1. Duty toward self; 2.Duty towards god; 3. Duty towards ancestors; 4. Duty towards progeny; 5. Duty towards fellow human beings; 6. Duty towards other living beings; 7. Duty towards society; 8. Moral Duties; 9.Professional Duties; 10. Duty towards others faith.

 We find such supportive quotes from Bible and Vedas.

While doing so they practice sessions on single or multiple trade’s and work with high focus to perform it. They need to work on extended hours which somewhere seclude them and take them away from regular feelings of sensitivity. They keep on enhancing their traits and keep practicing to fulfill the requirements of trade. They get involved in their own thinking process and not leaving them with time to feel and realize the options to think and softer ways of life or time to share those moments and feelings much demanded by family in main and society as well.

The entire process leaves them with image of insensitive men from mars. This has been established over the years. We all are witnessing it, seeing and know it.

Now here is a twist in the story!

Here starts the concept, the underlined hidden concept of career consciousness.

 It now applies to men also. As we see and witness now a days.

Question arises ?

" does career consciousness applies for the concept: men are from mars" or we can say

"Career conscious are from the mars"

Now let's first see what the concept of “from mars” is

Mars is planet having the traits of Mars represents energy, aggression, desire, competition and sex drive. Mars is the masculine, assertive energy in a person’s chart.

Now, all these traits in mars planets are find in human beings having great passion towards their work which finally converts them or build in them traits of mars and so can be called persons from mars.

As we understood now working persons are from mars and career people are from mars as they perpetually develop certain traits which relate them from mars... It doesn't not matter who is performing it, male or Female? 

So, if female are performing these actions, Will they be from mars. ?

Can we now say?

"All home makers are from Venus"

As per Greek Mythology, Venus the goddess is considered to be a symbol of love, care, softness, high sensitivity and fertility.

Except the factor of fertility, we will try to find other factors as if they can be developed, acquired and are affected by the daily actions/ type of work we are involved in.

How this concept developed. Our holy books by default mention the task of home making to be given to women. Broadly, which includes, be soft on family members, taking care of their daily needs, manage it, fulfill it with the help of man of the family. Cook for family, taking care of sick, helping kids in growing and developing in good humans etc. etc. All these traits involve traits of hospitality, which further underlines, traits of softness, politeness and patience.

 Let's see what homemakers do... They take care of households and associated including necessities of every person of home, all the items needed to run home from groceries, bread and butter, maintenance, keeping up the house workers house conditions.

While performing these tasks, they develop high sensitivity; high connect with each individual of family, aspects of care, emotions with family members when they are involved in feeding them, caring them, caring for their every small needs and feeling the attainment of self-satisfaction in the process.

Dealing with relations the close relations every core of days task surround them with sensitive emotions, high of feelings filled personality.

Hence, in nutshell traits of Venus are all associated with softness and sensitivity which is developed during the course of home task performing.


What is the twist?

It’s not “Men are from Mars or Women from Venus”. They do have certain basic traits, but not the nurtured traits. Traits related to the characteristics of Mars and Venus is so developed in persons while performing their professions. And, in the course, men who are home makers can be called or denoted as from Mars, and women working outside home, dealing with the world for earning and running family expenses can be demoted from Mars. As ultimately, their profession changes their nature, conduct and personnel performances. For a home maker men, personnel life performance and behavior changes and is no similar to men working outside and earning to run family. Similarly, a women working to run the family, develops certain rough traits which can be denoted as from Mars.

“Career choices decide if you are from Mars or Venus”.

Home making, hospitality, are the professional from Venus.

Now can we say professions unlike persons involved can be defined as profession from mars or profession from Venus instead saying “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

Happy new you!

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