My "Khwabon mein aanewala"

I’m sitting by the window, having watched DDLJ for the umpteenth time, and thinking to myself, so did I marry my RAJ? Hmmm..Well I’m no SIMRAN ..only thing common between me and the movie was Kajol’s UNI-BROW ;-)

Was in my 9th std, when DDLJ released and my innermost poet unleashed as well. Wrote a poem to describe my “khwabon mein aanewala” cheesy..btw that’s how I like my here goes:-


Somewhere in the midst of sea of faces

He’ll be there waiting for me so kind and gracious

Someone for whom I’ve longed so much

He’ll be the one to melt me with his touch.

Sometimes when life itself will be miserable

He’ll be there with his smile to fight my troubles

All along the way, I’ve waited for someone who would understand me

He’ll be there to share the joy and the pain with me.

There are so many questions to which no answer do I find

He’ll be there to stand just by my side

When he won’t be near and the distance apart

He’ll be there, the one, whose memories will tear me apart.

Just to see him talk and smile

He’ll be the one with whom years will pass in a while

Of whom I dream forever in my sleep

He’ll be mine, just MINE, for Keeps!

Now almost 22 years later, the movie and the poem both take me back to the time, where everything was possible. I was still a teenager, who was raised like a Princess. Loved, Pampered, without a care in the world. Now, even though I’ve graduated to a Queen and live in my sweet little kingdom with my King and children, still in my hearts of hearts, I’m the same little Princess, reminiscing about my teenage dreams. I love those thoughts and memories, as they are mine, just MINE, for Keeps!

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