Is the Rhymes on the gadgets a need ?

?Parenting is not an easy job in the present era. We do talk a lot on gender equality,but mother bears the 90 percent of the load in almost all the houses. When it comes to showing rhymes or stories through the screen, there will be a dispute in almost all the houses. As we depend a lot on gadgets, we tend to show them to kids. We need not show them, kids get curious and they see it. It has become a trend to switch on the rhymes to make the baby eat or make the baby stop crying. It happens for my 8 month old baby too.

But,is this the right practice? 

It is obviously not right. The baby must concentrate on food and eat. It is better to make the toddlers walk around and have the food.

But, what if the family doesn't support?

There might be someone in the family who says it is easy to feed while kids sees the rhymes or there isn't any harm in it. Ofcourse it is easy and not harmful. It is we who have made the baby get used to it. So if that is the case it is ok. Let the baby watch the rhymes on screen. I would say it is better that baby watches on TV screen rather than the mobile screen. But, as mother, it is essential that the care must be taken to put on some alternate practices and make the family members understand that. Do not let the screen time prolong after the feeding time. 

Are rhymes useful?

Actually rhymes don't help the babies eat, it diverts the babies and they open their mouth as they are suprised by the sound and colours. Rhymes can help the babies learn words, but it is not more beneficial when compared to the voice of the mother and the father. The Mother and the father have to talk to the child and teach with fun.  Rhymes doesn't help in the conversation. So, I would say they are not needed for babies,toddlers, and kids. It is better that we converse and teach. We can sing to the baby instead of letting them watch the screen.

What are the best alternatives?

If the baby is used to rhymes while feeding, a toy that makes some music can be the best alternative. Baby could watch the toy with surprise and we could feed it. Spreading colorful toys on the feeding chair could help us get the baby diverted and feed. Toddlers would love to explore new objects. So let them learn by hands instead of the screen. Get them enough toys. Building blocks are the best option for toddlers. For kids,board games and books are the best choices. Books with pictures and colors could grab the attention right from age 1. Puzzles could help the kids think logically. 

Rhymes are just an entertainment , but not an educational tool. So, it is better that we don't let out kids get addicted to them.

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