Make it a rule, to sip on these 5 homemade detox drinks.

Make it a rule, to sip on these 5 homemade detox drinks.

We are ambushed by toxins and chemicals everyday. Right from using cosmetic products to all kinds of pesticides-chemical laden foods.

 Our health experts say the liver is much capable of filtering out the toxics from the body but with so much of pollution and contamination, the burden is more on the organ to function effectively. A detox drink aids the liver in its cleansing process. Do you remember the last time when you actually felt healthy? Sometimes we misinterpret the definition of being healthy, even after consuming a nutritious diet, we don’t feel hearty. Question yourself with these signs…

Do you often crave for sugar even if you are eating a balanced meal?

Do you feel tired always?

Do you have mood swings?

Or, Does your breath smell bad?

If your answer is yes, than you need to re-judge your health quotient. quaff this detox elixir and see yourself reborn.

All you need are a couple of your favourite ingredients put together to perfection.

1. The Spice mix

Spices are a great source of antioxidants and flavonoids. Slice up ginger, wedge out the lemons and pluck the coriander stems, all with a tinge of cinnamon to preserve them in water for a few hours. Chill it and sip it like you enjoy your favourite mocktails. A good way to start your mornings that gives way to a fresh mind and clear thoughts.

2. Apple cider vinegar and fruit melange

With proven health effects, apple cider vinegar(ACV) stands out to be one of the healthiest elixir. An apple a day, remains to be the ultimate nutrition provider, however a spoonful of fermented apple a day can keep your sugar, fat and cholesterol levels, all at check. A great way for weight loss and regulation of blood sugar levels are some of best functions of ACV. Combine some of fruits like pear, strawberry and blueberries and let the ACV soak the flavours for two hours.

ACV, being extremely sour in taste, is not easy to consume for many, so you can dilute with hot or cold water topped in your drink. Quaff after your meals for its amazing property as an aid in digestion. Also, a great concoction that is loaded with antioxidants that calms you down after a tiring day.

3. Vitamin A booster