Life Behind Glamour

                          Life Behind Glamour

Truth is not always what we see, sometimes the real story is totally different.

     Our Stars that Shine and glow on television and who inspire us the most, also have a different real story which would shake you.

     #Metoo, the international movement which begin prominence in india and later gathered sharp momentum in October 2018 in bollywood industry centred in Mumbai,

Actress Tanushree Dutta what's the first in Bollywood who accused Nana Patekar for sexual harassment, later came up by so many women in different fields facing the same problem.

     Known personalities was listed in the list of #Metoo . Anu Malik accused by singer Sona Mohapatra for sexual harassment, after which anu Malik had to leave the show Indian Idol he is again seen in the same show as a judge.

      So though the Movement brought out the real faces of so many big personalities, yet the movement did not serve as it could. have because still the same people are enjoying the same standards.

     And there are many such women who don't come up with the truth and hidethe consequences to top the glamour world , some hide it so that because they feel no nobody will understand.

       Therefore we even see so many suicide cases , drug addiction cases in our industry as those who can't talk and come up with such problems go with wrong decisions.

    #Metoo is a very good initiative through which every suffering woman of the society should come up and fight till the end so that when a very big and strong committee is built which cannot be ignored by any government or Court at least such evils will become less and slowly every women will come up with the happenings without anyfear of anything which will eventually bring an end to this.

    So it's just that every problem has a solution, witches need to talk stand and fight for justice. United efforts can definitely bring a change.

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