Journey Of Acceptance

Journey of Acceptance

Shilpa was a very optimistic and passionate girl. She always believed that life is blessing so whatever comes your way accept it with your open arms.

She has just completed her MBA and she was now doing a job which was quite satisfactory and she was all set in her life . her parents were happy and so glad to see her being so successful in life. Now they just wished her that same happiness in her married life. They wanted to see her married and enter into a beautiful phase of life.

Shilpa loved her parents and so she accepted their wish. She got ready to marry. She just had one Desire to work even after marriage, she arged her parents to find a boy and a family that would allow her to do so.

She found a boy who would love her and care for her and she got married. She now entered a completely new world where every relation and thing was totally new to her. But she always had the ability to find good in everything, so she managed to go well with everyone and everything 

Even though when many obstacles and also many important decisions affecting her were taken still she remained clam and focused with positive attribute, because she always believe that you can't change anyone you can just accept them the way they are.

She also believed that we shouldn't stop when criticism comes ,infact we should work on it .

Love everyone even when they don't love you back ,so she accepted them all she never tried to change them nor convince them in anyway.

Her behaviour and love shocked the entire family they would wounder how can she accept us even when we bring so many difficult situations ,even when we criticize her every now and then but still she manages to laugh and be happy and she even loves us ,even when we don't love her back.

Soon she achieved all that she loved dreamed and thought of. Shilpa was shocked when she was started loving by her family, when she got appreciated for her work and when she was truly accepted by everyone in the family

Her husband Harish was waiting for this day ,who believed it was difficult looking at the situation that Shilpa faced .

He always learned one thing from Shilpa that acceptance is natural when you love someone you accept that person.

 So if you truly love someone someday that person accept you.

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