It's my life!!

"The best thing that you can do to yourself is to invest in the one thing that really matters is 'You'

It would be fair to say that I was born to live life on my own terms - carefree and free-spirited. My parents never put any restrictions on me and fulfilled all my wishes. I guess they did not know how to say 'no', even though it meant people around started calling me a 'spoilt brat'. Mom and Dad always lived life on their terms and I grew up learning the same. School and college went off pretty fast and once I was of marriageable age and my parents started looking out for a suitable match for me, I decided to get married to the first guy they would make me meet. It might sound weird to some but that was my decision and I loved living life on my own terms. I was against the idea of checking out various matrimonial alliances before saying 'yes' to one. Luckily the first guy I met (my husband to be) was the best thing that I could have ever asked for (touchwood). So basically I never repented taking my life decisions on my own (of course with my parents' unconditional support).

Marriage was a lot different than my earlier life as now I was supposed to be the perfect wife, doting mother and quintessential daughter in law and somewhere the 'living life on my terms' scenario took a back seat and I learned how to live the way others wanted me to. But I think the actual me was hiding somewhere within, waiting to pop out and surprise me. Slowly, I started feeling the old but exciting me take over the new but very boring me and I allowed the transformation to take place. Gradually, I began feeling a change in the way I was living my life since the time I got surrounded by responsibilities and slowly the people around me started noticing the changes too. Reactions varied from happiness to shock but I was okay with any positive or negative feedback that I was getting as I was delighted to live the way I wanted to. The power to do it came from the support of my life partner and my writing as both allowed me to express and live the way I wished. It does get difficult at times when all you hear about yourself are negative comments but these are nowhere compared to the happiness I get from living on my terms.


When I was born, they asked my parents why.

When I grew up, they asked me why I wasn’t shy. 

When I fell, they wanted me to fall apart. 

When I stood up again, they asked me about my next fall. 

When I swirled around in the world outside, they asked me not to spoil the name.

When I won the first trophy, they asked me how much I paid for the same. 

But I paid no heed, for my life, was mine. 

To jump, to run, to fall, and to fly. 

For it's my life, and no one can ever ask me why.

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