Great Songs by Forgotten Music Directors

One of the greatest and eternal debates of humanity has been about the role of destiny in the lives of human beings. There is no one single explanations for why some people become successful, while others do not. Some people strike it rich in their endeavor with their talent; some make it big with ordinary talent, while some very talented people don’t get the credit, name and fame which they deserve. Success has its own unexplained rationale.

In the Hindi film industry some of the everlasting beautiful songs were composed by some very talented composers, the songs are memorable but the composers are forgotten. Reasons could be many: may be because they lacked support from strong people from the industry, their music was ahead of times, they lacked the talent of self promotion, fund shortage, lack of access to the important music production houses. I think, more often than not, the reason a particular composer’s music is forgotten is subjective…. I pay my tribute to some of those gems in this article.

GS Kohli (Gurusharan Singh Kohli): He was an expert in playing Dholak and many instruments. When Dalsukh M. Panchol gave OP Nayyar his first break with Aasmaan (1952), OP Nayyar chose Kohli as his assistant. Kohli remained his assistant till 1968. Kohli assisted Nayyar even after becoming an independent Composer himself. Till 1960, Kohli had contributed significantly in OP Nayyar’s popular films like CID, Mr. and Mrs 55, Aar Paar, Hum sab chor hain, Naya Daur, Mujrim, Do Ustaad, Kashmir Ki Kali etc.

In 1960 Kohli took few independent assignments as music director. Though Kohli was incomparable as a music arranger for OP Nayyar and as a composer, he could not shine independently and had only B and C grade movies for lending music. His music for films Shikari and Namasteji became very popular. Film Shikari (1963) songs became super duper hits. But, I am presenting here below one of his creations from film “The adventures of Robinhood” (1965). After listening to G.S.Kohli’s compositions, anybody will think why success evaded him in spite of having great talent?

Mana Mere haseen sanam

Film: Adventures of Robinhood and Bandits (1965)

Singer: Mohammed Rafi, Song Lyricists: Yogesh Gaud, Music Director: G.S.Kohli

Lachhiram: Born in Himachal Pradesh, this talented composer was given an odd name because it’s a belief that when infant die one after the other in a family, the surviving child is given a vague, odd name. At the age of 20-21 he came to Delhi and got a job with HMV for whom he sang many songs. He was discovered by Aziz Kashmiri, who had come to Delhi as an envoy of Shourie Pictures to look for a music director. Thus, his career in films started with Champa (1945), and continued till 1964, when it ended with the most successful film of his career, Main Suhagan Hun. Lachhiram gave some most memorable songs to the industry. I give here below one of my favorites:

Tu shokh kali main mast pawan

Film: Main Suhagan Hun (1964)

Singers: Mohammed Rafi & Asha Bhosle

Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi Music Director: Lachhiram

There are many more who have contributed great music to the film industry, but I have my own limitation to research about them all, hence I will continue writing about them in another post.

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