Flames of Hope

I make myself some hot chocolate while thinking about how twisted ones mind can be. My mind is very active and sometimes I just feel like I have an actual conversation with it. Now, my mind is hooked up on the magazine in front of me. The advertisement by Coffee Cups, it is a picture of people chatting merrily while having coffee. Coffee cups is surely a catchy name for a coffee shop. The people do seem happy, I wonder whether they’re really happy or is it just another mask to look sociable. I know alot can happen over coffee. But, I’m also sure that I can perfectly look happy and cheerful while sulking on the inside. Isn’t that what we all do? ..

Picking up the magazine I just turn the pages aimlessly, my eyes are glued on page 23. It has a picture portraying the battle scene which took place in the Mahabharata. It is the picture of Krishna driving a chariot drawn by four horses with Arjuna inside it. In the next page there is a picture of a leading Bollywood actress. It is the interview about her latest movie where she plays the role of a college student.

I close the magazine, with my mind still glued on Mahabharata. I finish the remnants of my cup. I have read many renditions of it over the years. The people, the relationships, the significance, need for power, and much more. The same story gives me different views on life from different view points. Some are comforting and some are sad, but I guess that’s what life is. It sure was an eye opener for me. I still do have inner debates whether my perception of it is right or not. But, I guess that what every good book does . . . leaving you puzzled and letting you find the solution which pleases you.

In Mahabharata out of the many versions and perspectives of the story, Draupadi initially sought after Krishna which Krishna himself knew. So, when he saw Draupadi, he told her that he was aware of her feelings for him but, he can’t marry her as she was born here for a mission, and that her birth was followed by a prophesy that . . she will lead to the downfall of the adharmik khastriyas. Later, during the course of time she developed feelings for Karna. During the swayamvara seeing Karna enter the field, she secretly hoped he would win. But Krishna knowing her feelings, told her that if she married Karna people would talk ill of her, and that she would lose her respect for marrying the son of a chariot driver. Hearing his words she was scared and shouted at Karna preventing him from entering the swayamvara, and later ended up marrying the Pandavas.

You see, Draupadi would have prayed everyday for a good life, a loving husband, good future etc. Karna would have also prayed to marry his love, have a bright future etc. And despite God(Krishna) being so close to them, they’re future didn’t change. In-fact if Krishna, despite knowing about Karna’s birth hadn’t talked to Draupadi before the swayamvara she might have let him participate and maybe their fate might have taken a different turn. Everything just went according to fate or how the prophesy depicted. Thus, she ended up marrying the Pandavas, who had wife’s on their own apart from her. Maybe, if she married Karna she wouldn’t have been swindled and gambled upon. It’s just a maybe…

So, despite their countless prayers even God himself wanted their life to go as per plan. And, maybe that’s why I feel praying doesn’t change anything. It gives you hope. Hope is evil. It builds expectations, makes you believe that something good and magical awaits and then crushes your expectations leaving you with nothing but despair. Harsh right? This was told by one of my favorite authors. But it does give a whole new idea to Hope. And with the hope that things will get better, you just move towards your purpose and destiny blinded by the belief that something good awaits. I guess this is alot better than knowing the danger ahead, and passing each day with the fear about the end, and our ways of coping with it.

Nothing is going to change, things are just going to happen as per the plan and fate. And the only thing we can control with our lives is the fact that we can look at each day as an experience and learning and make the most out of it. We make endless plans for the future which is not predictable. Just live this moment, and try to make it meaningful. Both good and bad lies ahead, be prepared for both. Don’t wallow down in self pity when times are bad, and don’t fail to appreciate the good things happening to you. This is just a practical approach towards life. Practical is plain. Which is why many people prefer the illusion of hope, which is also why we love conspiracy theories. They give a spin for our imagination to run wild. I would suggest believe in yourself. Listen to your mind, listen to the silent communication you possess with your inner self. I believe we normally hear two voices in our mind before we do any task or take any decision. One is loud which tells you what ‘you’ actually want. And, the other voice is very low and feeble, that is your conscience. Always listen to the voice that is low, it is your guide for betterment. We don’t require mentors to change our lives. All the answers we truly seek lies within us. Follow you conscious and fulfill your purpose.

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