Eight Make-up Tools You Can Depend On

Eight Make-up Tools You Can Depend On

“I believe all women are pretty without make-up-but with the right makeup, women can be pretty powerful".
- Bobby Brown

Aren't we all pretty even without make-up? For some their character is the best make-up and it registers on their face with a positive aura. Some use colours in their dress to complement their make-up and look prettier. While others depend on make-up completely to look confident and beautiful. Many make-up brands and products are available in the market, but there are some make up tools that are staples for a woman. It is like a survival kit and without them make-up is not possible and that perfect look cannot be achieved if you skimp on these! They are the tools for your face, therefore get them by your side at all times before you head out to get those make up products. Remember make up or no makeup, it’s what inside a person that really counts, saying these words, let me also say that looking good outside is equally rewarding. Hence, you beauties out there, browse at the necessities a woman can depend on,

1.Beauty blender or make -up wedges

Beauty blender is the most basic tool for applying any kind of make-up product; let it be a creamy foundation or concealer. However, remember to buy a good quality one, as you do not want to tear it away after two or five uses. The rule to use beauty blender is to bounce it and wet it before using it on any product. Wetting it will ensure that the blender does not absorb any product. In addition, the bouncing action keeps the blender for longer use, dragging it and rubbing it in the face reduces its shelf time. Do not forget to rinse it before every use and using your face wash to wash the blender will help you not get any breakouts. Some tend to use liquid detergent or soap for cleaning the beauty blender, but this will create problems for the skin afterwards. If you cannot get hold of beauty blender, try using makeup wedges, they also provide the same use but do not last long as the former one.

2.Double-sided mirror

No cat -eyed wings and contouring has become perfect without the correct mirror. Do not underestimate this common thing, as without a clear image of what you are doing, there is a chance you will miss concealing some spots or pimples on your face. A double-sided mirror that has a magnified side is useful for accessing your skin issues and for tweezing the eyebrow hair. Look out for mirrors that have led lights .It will be a lifesaver in a poorly lit room. Even compact mirrors are a handy piece of makeup tool to save you from a makeup emergency. Keep a good mirror hung at your home or a foldable one to depend on for your makeup.

3. Tweezers

Perhaps you have already recognized how important it is to keep this tool with you at all times. Makeup artists consider a brand called Tweezerman as the holy grail of all tweezers. The tip of these particular tweezers is slanted and can be sharpened if they become blunt. Check them out in amazon, but if you find them costly, then Colorbar have great tweezers too. To keep it hygienic, you can boil them in water to kill any bacteria. Always have an extra pair of tweezers, in case it goes missing or misplaced. Even if you thread your eyebrows, a tweezers is something that you can depend on for getting rid of stray hairs or if you have, ingrown hair around the eyebrows. Always buy stainless steel ended ones as these last longer and do not rust or cause irritation to the skin.

4.Real techniques expert face brush

Investing in a good face brush that has good quality and a one that will be useful for years is money worth product. Such a product is the brand real techniques expert face brush. This brush is the ultimate brush when it comes to blending and making the product absorbed onto the face. It will give you a nice, matte look. The bristles are firm yet not harsh on the skin. The brush is equivalent to our own fingers. The brush is very good to use for liquid and cream foundation. If you are just starting out with makeup products or are even an experienced make -up artist, this brush will save you a lot of time. Wash this brush every week with your face wash to keep it for prolonged use. Hence, this brush is something to depend on and worth your money.

5.Powder Brush