Decoding Happiness

How do you define happiness?

Is it the material pursuits or it is the experience that counts!

Certainly, the pleasure of having material possessions cannot be negated however for me personally, happiness is an awesome experience.

Different people find happiness in different things. I would like to portray my idea of happiness here. For you, it might be something different.

I find happiness in creating something new. For eg, it may be a blog writing or cooking new recipes or researching my training material, anything where I can add my personal value.

With the internet on our fingertips, we have infinite knowledge available at our disposal. YouTube is the new guru where you will find tutorials for every possible thing and you just start learning!!

But what happens if you only consume and consume information but there is no outlet?

We might be hooked to a new series on Netflix or a new programming language or even go through new recipes but if we do not use it to produce something creative, it will go waste...

It creates a little discomfort.

Have you ever felt a sense of accomplishment merely by watching a video?

However, if you have learned something from that and have applied on a real-time scenario you feel so good!!

Motivational videos or an encouraging post on social media may give you happiness for some time however if the content is created by you and then you share with your colleagues and friends, it gives you a different high!!

Secondly, having a proper and clear communication with my near and dear ones gives me happiness.

Again with WhatsApp, Facebook etc we may find chatting as the easiest and fun way to be in touch but for me personally, face to face conversation is the real thing.

When I talk face to face, I feel so alive. I am there at that moment with that person sharing my feelings and concerns while on the phone while chatting I might be chatting with 2-3 persons simultaneously which sometimes becomes overwhelming.

It's better to call and have a heart to heart talk then just texting.

Sometimes writing can give different meanings as you are not able to see or hear the person unless it's written in a very clear way.

Sometimes when I talk to my 2.5 years old daughter, it gives me immense pleasure. It is very interesting to know her world and the way she interprets it. So simple and so pure.

She finds happiness even in smallest things like a design on a bed-sheet or playing with elastic bands or a simple dance which is all gadget free.

I am not against the use of mobile or other gadgets. They have become our best friends, however, I find happiness in the real connection between humans, everything real, less dependent on gadgets.

Even when I read a simple fiction book, where all the characters are beautifully described or the way a natural beauty has been portrayed, I can feel the happiness. These things can be felt through watching a movie also but will it have a long-lasting effect?

When you read daily, going through each chapter continuously the different characters become the part of your life! The joy is beyond words because reading is a slow and steady process and you feel someone is always there beside you.

These days, I m enjoying a phase of cooking also as again it is your own creation. When the taste gets better and better, you realize there is always something new to try on. Every day is a short and simple project and when my daughter shows her appreciation when she really enjoys it, it can't be described in words!

So I think happiness can be felt even at the smallest things.

You just need to decode your happiness and a sense of well being.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do comment what is your idea of happiness.

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