Boost Your Career Prospects With These 15 Free Online Courses

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and for all the right reasons. The cost of education is rising, especially in more economically developed countries where the cost of living is correspondingly expensive.
Education, a priority and a basic human right, should be both accessible and affordable to everyone. Technology is changing that, one MOOC at a time. As multiple New York Times best-selling author Dean Graziosi puts it, “Self-education is extremely important. It’s going to be the new norm if it isn’t already”.
The digital age is empowering both individuals and institutions to create and distribute educational content online. The expansion of the global technological infrastructure has been instrumental in changing the way we create and obtain information.
From machine learning to filmmaking, MOOCs are offered in just about any domain. Here are 15 free verified courses guaranteed to improve your career prospects:

      1. International Business Environment and Global Strategy
Learn how the social, political, economic and institutional factors affect international business environments and global strategies.
Provided by: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB)

      2. Becoming an Entrepreneur
Learn the business skills and startup mindset needed to embark on your entrepreneurial path from the premier program for aspiring entrepreneurs, MIT Launch.
Provided by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITx)

      3. The Science of Everyday Thinking
Learn how to think better, argue better, and choose better.
Provided by: The University of Queensland

      4. The Foundations of Happiness at Work
Learn why happiness at work matters and how to increase it within yourself and across your organization.
Provided by: the University of California, Berkeley (BerkeleyX)

      5. Business Communication
Learn how to effectively communicate and build professional relationships through face-to-face, written, and non-verbal communication.
Provided by: Rochester Institute of Technology (RITx)

      6. Introduction to FinTech
Learn from leading academics and practitioners from around the world about the innovations, technology and regulation driving the transformation of finance.
Provided by: University of Hong Kong (HKUx)

      7. Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills
Get the job you want with compelling resume writing and focused interview preparation.
Provided by: Fullbridge

      8. Creativity & Entrepreneurship
Learn skills and listen to examples from world-renown entrepreneurs and innovators as they discuss the parallels between the creative and entrepreneurial journeys -- and why entrepreneurship, much like music or creativity, is something we all possess.
Provided by: Berklee

      9. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
Develop your ability to tackle complex problems in the workplace using known analytical problem solving techniques, design thinking, and effective research.
Provided by: Fullbridge

      10. Unlocking Your Employability
Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills to potential employers to maximize your career success.
Provided by: The University of Queensland

      11. Public Speaking
Build confidence as a speaker by learning how to use simple tools and skills to prepare and deliver memorable presentations.
Provided by: Rochester Institute of Technology (RITx)

      12. Effective Business Writing
Learn best practices and approaches to writing effective business letters, emails, and reports. Format, composition, and clarity are emphasized.
Provided by: Berkeley

      13. Shaping Work of the Future
Explore ways to improve job opportunities and develop a personal plan for lifelong career success.
Provided by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      14. Business and Data Analysis Skills
Learn key business management skills as well as tools and methods for analyzing data and presenting results.
Provided by: Fullbridge

      15. Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business
Learn about the integrative power of knowledge management, Big Data and Cloud Computing, and how they impact the new business era.
Provided by: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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