Best fun TV series to watch

?The term 'Netflix and chill' is going viral because of the increasing number of series viewers. Not only Netflix, but Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, and even Jio cinema provides lots of series of multiple genres. Users are increasing day by day. 

These tv-shows are ruling the world of entertainment. Starting from one of the iconic show 'Friends' to the most recent fun shows, people are watching and laughing along with the characters of the show.

Some best fun shows to watch:

1. The big bang theory:

This TV series shows the life of four science Geeks and their Girlfriends. The 4 friends in these series are scientists/physicists. The series makes fun of every character in a different way. An amazing TV show to watch. It has 12 seasons with 24 episodes of 20 minutes running time each.

2. Brooklyn 99

This is one of the hilariously fun TV police sitcom. Detectives work under their gay boss who is as funny as all the detectives. A romantic subplot between a few of the detectives is amazing. They solve the case in their own fun way. Best series to watch. The series has 6 seasons released and 7th is on the way.

3. The office(USA)

The office has the UK, Japan, and recently added the Indian version. But the USA version is the best TV series. The environment of the paper company named 'dunder mifflin' is chilled because of the weird boss. The show has romantic subplots and some ups and downs in the paper company. You might not like season 1 but watch with patience and you will love the show. 

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This TV show is about the married lady who takes so much effort into her married life. She handles her kids and husband. But some bad events in her married life are a turning point in her life. She chose to become a standup comedian. The series shows the era of 1958 new york. It shows the female empowerment.

5. The modern Family.

This tv series is about the weird family and their relationships. Another fun series to watch. Every character is uniquely hilarious. 

last but not least. Those who haven't watched 'Frineds'. 'Friends' is the starter pack series. It is one of the legendary shows and the oldest one.


These few shows are the best fun shows to watch. Watch them and you will definitely fall in love with these shows.

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