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Being Vegetarian/Vegan

Being Vegetarian/Vegan

 “Are you okay with me eating meat in front of you? Because you are killing plants as well”

“I really do not care what you eat, but I will secretly judge you for killing a living creature, and if it was a fast food company that your ordered from, it was probably genetically modified and then mercilessly killed. Also, plants do not have a central nervous system and they do not have emotions or reasoning. It is like me asking you, “Are you killing water by drinking it?””

If you are a vegetarian, chances are high that people tell you (a) so, what do you eat? (b) apart from paneer what is there in terms of veg food (c) Plants have feelings too you know (d) I feel so bad because chicken is a life you know (e) I was also vegetarian for 3 days, then I got back to chicken. Those 3 days were the worst days of my life. (f) *points at random leaf, and tells you to eat it* (g) So, you can come to my house, but we do not make veg food on Mondays, so sorry! (h) I’m a pure Non-vegetarian (i) We are technically helping nature you know, by eating chicken (j) Where do you get your protein from? (k) Salads are gross! (UM EXCUSE YOU salads are GREAT!) (l) *Just being pathetic losers who enjoy sitting on top of the food chain*.

Being a vegetarian, yes, I will admit that my options when I go to restaurants are pretty limited, and I really do not get why, because killing and making food out of animals is cruel, and also when people kill animals, they have to bear the price of what they did to that poor animal. But this is not an article to insult the non-vegetarians, it is to remind vegetarians that we should not be discriminated against and we have plenty of options!

Here, we are going to discuss what options do the vegetarian community have, and a couple of vegan sources to gain your carbs, vitamins and proteins and B12 nutrients. Please keep in mind that I may be mentioning the word ‘diet’ a lot here. The diets are not meant to demotivate you, or to stop you from eating any kind of food you desire. The point is to stay healthy, while eating the right food and the right number of calories. The focus should be on being fit internally, and these diets will help in the long run.

Now, there is something called the Vegan food pyramid. This is the pyramid from top to bottom.

 There are healthy fats: Avocado, olives, nuts and various seeds. There are dairy substitutes such as soy, almonds, rice as well as oats. A couple of nuts and half an avocado are enough in a day.


There are leafy greens: kale, spinach, lettuce and collards. Eating 2 to 3 cups raw, and 1-2 cups cooked should be enough.