Struggle Is Not Your Enemy

Playing with children has its own experiences and insights.

Last night my children persuaded me to join them in their favorite video game. Being a novice, it was a shocking power struggle for me. Armed with a keyboard with all the tools at my fingertip, I had to choose the most effective button to face the challenge. The first round was easy- peasy. A saber would swoon here, a smash would clobber there and the enemy was felled to the ground in one minute. The next level was a bit more challenging, with more props thrown in. But then I too had grown familiar to the game. The game caught on me, and I loved the new strategies and new twists in the plot. I was becoming smarter and quicker by each game. I knew when the game ended, that I would be looking forward to playing some more shortly.

Later that night, reflecting back, I felt how close this game was to life in reality!

Does not life often throw us fresh challenges unguarded? Are we not beset by milestones to reach, heights to conquer and depths to fathom? After accomplishing a feat successfully don’t we look back and feel proud of ourselves at having graduated into a skilled and matured person?

What is life after all, without a string of struggles decorating your neck?


Pain and struggle are inevitable and unavoidable. We are born to labor pain. We must stop not wishing for pain and hardships. Make them desirable. Just like a bitter medicine pill. They are bound to come our way anyway. Don't choose what you want in life. Don’t prepare a wish list as most people say. Instead, make a list of what you can endure. Choose what you are ready to struggle for. Do a thorough introspection of yourself, of your temperament and evaluate your nerves. Then select your battles.

The higher the motive you fight for, the better becomes the quality of your life.


Do you ogle at the glorious laminated images of stars, heroes bathing in the spotlight, fans falling at their feet? This is a fraction of reality that you see...

This is the pinnacle of the dream; the tip of an iceberg. Traversing down their journey you will find sweat, toil, frustration, failures, determination, tenacity, isolation, competition. You will find courage in the face of fear, prayer in the face of illness, execution against exhaustion, competition against rivalry. At times someone they counted on, attacked them at their back. Sometimes they just survived by a whisker. It was scary, but they didn't give up.

You need to get inspired from their lives; gather your wits and your struggle and strength, get up and go on till you reach.


You might be tempted to believe that you will forever spend the rest of your lives in restful peace once that dream is achieved. Once the struggle is over, you will relish the feelings of victory for some time; you can relax, you might enjoy the spotlight like a star and feel refreshed. The state of euphoria continues for some time; and then? What happens? The truth of human nature dawns. This happiness is short-lived. As is the nature of the human heart, this achievement soon becomes to feel routine and seems ordinary. You might as well meet many more people as successful as you. 

This new zone of your life soon turns into a comfort zone. The spirit of human evolution provokes you to leave this comfort zone. Greener pastures come into sight. It’s time to brace yourself for a new journey, a new trail of hardships, struggle, pain, tears. Repeat.

There is a new challenge! To maintain this pedestal; to remain the no1. You must do so or in no time people will start snubbing at your face “it was a matter of luck by chance” “it was a lucky- you moment.” All that sacrifice and years of hard work will be credited to a mere streak of luck if you don’t maintain it.


This is how life goes on. Always after a new challenge. The old struggle is updated into a fresh new one, the old dream that you planted rejuvenated or refurbished.

This is how we make progress. This is how we evolve. In stepping from one comfort zone to the other. This is how man progressed from stone age to the bronze age, iron age, and so on…

Hardships, heart brakes, setbacks, enemies all are vital parts of the progressing machinery of life. Battle illiteracy, or take pains to join a night school; want to be a dancer? Be ready to practice. Love that strong body, and chiseled muscles? Then you must love the gym too, and a disciplined diet. Do you opt to sit back laze, and are happily contented, or move up in life? Do what you are best able to do. Do what is for the higher good.

So do not ever make a list of what you wish. Make a list of what pains you are ready for.

 A woman was suffering at the hands of rude in-laws; she substituted this pain by building up an independent identity for herself. It was not easy, but then she chose this pain over abuse.

A little pain is good for you. It is actually human nature to be prone to pain. Have you not seen the TRPs the painful stories rake in? They hog the limelight. Bomb blasts, attacks, accidents, molestation, murder, you name it. The media channels gather in the moolah on these coverages. Will, you rather have news of heath, discovery, stories of hard work, sanitation, education, served? Do I exaggerate when I say to be in pain is compulsory? It is so deep rooted in our subconscious psyche, that if the pain is not there, we will devise a means to feel it; by imagining it.

Don’t be afraid to be in pain. It is a signal that you are capable of so much more, that destiny has entrusted you with so much!

Hardships and pain are great educators. Have you ever looked at the face of athletes after their sprint? Have you seen their glow? The glow when you win after a difficult spell! This glow wins you respect; earns admiration; this is your true worth; your grain of salt; this is how actually life is supposed to be; This is the experience. No one has ever pitied less a person who has no experience. So, re-evaluate yourself now. Make a list of what you can suffer for; what can make you burn the midnight oil, what can make you leave your bed before the alarm goes on; what makes you forget the time; what you want to do but are afraid to start. They teach you true wisdom.

They teach you to respect an average person. It is very desirous to be at the pinnacle; because being there puts you in the spotlight, throws you in a limelight. You become an enigma whom everyone idolizes. Showered with, love. Either this or be at the bottom. Lying extremely opposite to the pinnacle. Most improvised. You still grab all the attention. People that hog the limelight, exist in a very small percentage. Those that occupy every centimeter of those broadcast tapes are a handful. The ones at the top shout out “if I can do it, so can you!” But this is not true. So much actually goes into making up those stars, those sportsmen, artists, so much time, energy, money to go with the prodigal talent that their life in other dimensions is absolutely bare, barren, hollow, inconsequential, vain. They might be educationally dumb, their marital life in a piteous state, have no social skills, might be a bundle of nerves. Anything.

If it were so easy being extraordinary, then many many more people would have become extraordinary. Then extraordinary would no longer be extraordinary. It would turn ordinary. There are so many average and ordinary people out there; God certainly must have loved the ordinary and the average. So just be what you can be at your very best. Give your 100% to your own battle. Be your own hero. enjoy!!

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