Are You A Strong Woman? Find Out Here...

Are you a strong woman?

Time and again do we hear and read about strong women and the often unrevealed dormant strength that lies within a woman. What makes a strong woman different from a woman are a few things she has explored in herself which are often led by adversaries or circumstances. Some still wish, they were better prepared for these circumstances. So, why not begin with identifying these characteristics? 

Know the Characteristics that define a strong woman....

Doing what you believe in makes you strong. She has her life tried and tested, she has her struggles in her knuckles and she knows no nonsense, that’s a strong woman.

Every woman has strengths buried inside her that is desperately waiting to come out. I bow down to those women who gathered their strength to fight cancer diagnosis , their biggest battle of survival. I stand for that woman who pushed herself ahead even from behind the Burqa. Such a wondrous feeling to know of these women who refused to sit at home and became successful entrepreneurs. Every woman who has emerged out to be strong has seen failures knock her down, over and over again. We, the empowered one, know our capabilities and also how to use our Independence. We know when to fight for our rights and we have the maturity to handle it.

Whom would you categorise as a woman of strength? Most of us carry a notion that corporate woman and the females who are in the workforce are strong, but there you are mistaken. You will find strong women all around you, right from the kitchen counters to the office desk, right from putting their kids to best behaviour to fore-running a political campaign.

Even if you are not a strong woman, be one. Build these characteristics into yourself to reach your destination.

1. Problems? Give it a wink

She knows how to weed out any hassle that comes on her way. She does not believe in altering her goals or seizing them if faced with problems. Problems are part of any journey, she knows she has to handle them and no one best understands this but she.

2. Life isn’t sweet to everyone, don’t complain

She does not complain, rather moves on without a whine. She knows life will not be served on a golden platter but cribbing about it will not make it any better.

She understands that complaints will just waste her time further, rather get on and get going.

3. Make your own decisions and be responsible for them.

She knows nobody will be there for her when she needs them the most. Whatever decisions she has to make in life, she understands that it’s hers whether good or bad and is satisfied with it. It is okay if she fails, it is just making her stronger. Be decisive for oneself, after all no one knows you better than you, yourself.

4. Life is a struggle sometimes, never play the victim card

“I have been given the rights and rules have been set for me, but I don’t need them”. She understands her every step is a struggle but she will never bow down to this patriarch. She does not need to quote her rights because she is going to earn it without anyone escalating her. She knows her value and has her ideals set. There are lot of “shoulds” to ask for but she lives in the reality…the reality that says to take what is yours!

5. She’s stronger when she’s alone and she waits for no man

She’s not a people-pleaser because she knows the only person she has to keep happy is herself. Her goals are not to find the right person(man) for herself but to walk alone and achieve it alone. As a woman, we feel much stronger when we are all by ourselves and not dependent on someone. This confidence is enough to take us where we thrive to go.

6. Every woman who is empowered was once a weak one

She has been through all that, trust me, she has. Every woman who has evolved, becomes the strongest. She stumbled and learned, she withdrew to everyone and realised in the end, all to become more confident. She changed with experiences and is a person of lesser words. That does not mean she’s arrogant, but has her opinions straight. We tend to learn when we are the weakest which is nothing but our road to success.

7. Strong women are not perfectionists

She does not run behind making things perfect because she knows it will slow her down. Expecting perfection in life only leads to stress and high levels of anxiety. The strong woman knows that she is not perfect but she is definitely what she wants her to be. As Sheryl Sandberg quotes, ”Done is better than perfect”. We should be working on achieving things and realising the dreams and not to strive for a perfect life.

8. She is a dreamer

She cannot work without dreams, that is her push. Her eyes have dreams behind that mascara and everything that she does, is to realise them. She loves her little world of fantasy where the fairies are there to support her not to find herself a prince charming. Her focus is to find the right path for her goal.

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