Responsible Me!!!

She gets up early, though she sleeps late because she is a mother, her morning is like an express which runs on the track on high speed, who has no chance to stop and relax, though she also has to leave for office, nobody packs her tiffin,

Nobody cooks for her only because she is a mother.

She has multiple task to do ,even if she decides to take a break one day ,she cannot. Her plans are ready for a week, Her routine is fixed,whether it may be morning, afternoon , evening or night she has been allotted her work and with the dedication she carries out all the responsibilities..

Her morning is like a project which needs to assemble, which has no deadlines, she has to complete it in a short period of minutes and if she fails to do it on time, there are 10 people to shout on her.

What if she gets a little help from her family members, generation is changed but what needs to be changed is thinking!!

Whether she is working women or housemaker she needs to be respected...she needs to be independent, she needs freedom, whether children are small or grown-up, we need to train to be independent and responsible ...

What if children pack their own tiffin,get up without asking, fold their blankets, wash off their clothes,don't you think this kind of acts can bring a Sweet Smile on her face which will make the entire atmosphere more happening and will boost her energy to do the things without stress who is only responsible for others happiness, satisfaction and need.

Still few women are working till late at night, eat after the whole family eats,she has several things to do.. still, the workload is not divided, why?? Self-help is the best help if you cannot help yourself think of the people who are disabled, helping hand to this superpower will not make you weak, but you will find a superwoman every morning who will take care of you

Let us begin here every morning happy and help her out to come of this Morning Madness of responsibilities which she has to carry the whole day!!

Can we change this thought and start being responsible from home to be a responsible citizen of Our Country!!

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