A good hair day – does it uplift your mood too?

A good hair day – does it uplift your mood too?

Here’s a cheat sheet!

If the event is on Thursday and today is Saturday, and I wash my hair today, then I will have to wash my hair on Tuesday, but will my hair look nice enough on Thursday? Because my hair looks nice only a day after I wash it..So, I guess I will have to postpone my hair wash to tomorrow, and somehow bear with my untamed hair today (thanks, city life). Does this sound familiar? I’m going to be honest, the only way I actually know the days of the week is because of my ‘hair-washing’ schedule.


Sometimes, people believe that the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair is entirely up to you, but I say that it is up to my hair. What I can do, is keep it clean, but most of the time I don’t decide how it would look the next day. What can I say, my pillow is my most diverse stylist. Before I brief you on this ‘How to have a good hair day on most of the days’ guide, Let us all take a moment of silence for those days when your hair looked absolutely ravishing – I’m talking Rachel Greene ravishing, and no one important saw you.


Let’s get into it!

1) Wash your hair correctly.

Make sure your shampoo is sulfate free, because sulfates can dry out the hair, and if your hair is already quite thick and dry, these kind of hair products will not suit you. It is hard to believe but there is at right way to Shampoo your hair. Before you get into the task of shampooing – first rinse your hair for a minute or with warm water. This helps in removing the dirt from the hair. when you are ready to wash your hair, turn the temperature down a bit as washing with hot water can burn your scalp (yikes).


Lather, rinse, repeat does not always work out. Remember to lather up only at the roots and the beginning of your neck – shampoo more on the roots and less on the tips of your hair. Avoid circular movements while lathering, use an up-down motion, with the tips of your fingers. Hot water should be used when you first rinse your hair, so the cuticles open up and cold water should be used for the final rinse to seal the cuticles and keep the moisture in. Doesn’t your hair feel nourished already? ?

Now, condition from the mid-hair to the tips, and DO NOT apply conditioner on the scalp, as it can make your hair feel heavy. Leave it on for a bit. I know hot water baths are a blessing in the cold weather, but try to give your hair a final cold water rinse. You can use hot water if your hair extremely oily and dirty.

2) Use a shampoo and a conditioner which is specifically designed for your hair: