“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” - Plato

Body-shaming is a massive issue worldwide. If someone is underweight or overweight, he or she is a criminal. It is even worse if the person concerned is a girl. She becomes an object of ridicule & mockery, and the butt of the banter everywhere. Her parents too are influenced by family friends, relatives, and so-called well-wishers, and that is exactly when they start blaming her for being the way she is.

Just as sex workers are looked down upon in our society, similarly, fat and dark girls too are treated worse than trash cans. But it’s time for her to stand up and rise above all odds! It’s time for her to use her disadvantage to her advantage! It’s time for her to stop crying & complaining, and set an example for all those who are constantly being humiliated for their appearance! Can she? Will she? Let’s find out!

Siya Menon is a bright 25-year-old – overweight, but as pretty as a button, and as talented as can be. She is an awesome singer and an amazing dancer. She is also a decent painter and a brilliant writer. But how does it matter? Sweet and simple Siya gets rejected time and again by guys and their families because of her looks. When she attends weddings, the know-it-all Punjabi Aunties ask her –

“Oye! Teri shaadi kab hogi (When will you get married)?”

When Siya replies that marriage is not on her radar right now and that she wants to focus on her career, one of them makes an unwanted remark –

“Waise bhi teri size ki ladki ke liye handsome munda milna mushkil hai (Anyway, it is difficult for a girl of your size to get a handsome hunk).”

Siya is an advertising copywriter by profession and an efficient worker. Within four months, she gets involved in a relationship with her colleague, Harman Kapoor – a ‘handsome’ munda (handsome hunk). However, the truth is that he is a proud person who considers her as a temporary timepass.

He just uses her to do his share of the work as he is basically useless and inefficient. Also, he knows that Siya is in the good books of the Boss, and hence, he makes her his girlfriend.

But soon, his true colours pop up.

One day at a party, he’s drunk and makes fun of her in front of his friends.

When his so-called sober buddies ask him sarcastically –

“So bro, how’s your sex life?”

This is what Harman has to say -

“Till now, no sex at all! With a heavyweight like her, the bed may break even before the real action starts. And what if by chance, suddenly, the excited elephant wants to get on top of me? Just imagine... I’ll die dude!”

Such comments really hurt Siya.

 Fed up, she starts feeling that she has had enough. She wanted to slap him, create a scene, and just leave him. Over time, she became depressed and suicidal. Why couldn’t the world accept her the way she was? Why couldn’t they let her live in peace? Whyyyyyyy??

One day, Siya came across a plus size modelling contest online. A plus size modelling contest! Really? After thinking for a couple of days, she sent her photographs.

Suddenly, she felt an air of positivity. She felt good. She decided to change her lifestyle and most importantly, enjoy her life to the fullest. Hitting the gym thrice a week and enrolling in a dance class once a week toned her body a little and she ended up with those all-important curves. She started eating healthy food, and also ate her favourite Pizzas and Burgers, but occasionally and in moderation. Also, the parlour became one of her best friends and she groomed herself completely.

She gets selected, and in the end, she wins the contest. Moreover, she starts getting offers from big brands.

Harman apologizes for hurting and insulting her. And pat comes her fitting reply –

“Even if I had not been a plus-size model, I would have dumped you anyway. I don’t want to kill you, dude...Go and enjoy a happy sex life with a girl who wants to get her life all fu***d up with a loser like you. Good luck!”

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