The story behind "being identified"

This is the story that we all can relate to. Either we have been there or our paths cross ways with those who have been there. Feminism has long been associated with sacrifice, adjustments and coyness and the sundar susheel naree has been the epitome of feminism, that too stemming from a country who worships goddess in many forms.

This is why we find women making the maximum compromises to hold the family together and most of the times we do this willfully out of our sense of love and responsibility. Isn't it great that a family revolves around a woman? What's not so great is that we often end up losing ourselves amidst this. Our hobbies, skills, education, talents take a back seat once we begin to live for others. Loving and giving is the most amazing thing on this planet but it's equally important to love yourself.

This made us at Pinkdesk come up with social media which is more informative and knowledge based and the best part is user involvement. We encourage our users to share knowledge on particular categories and be recognized for their efforts through featured expert programme.