Why PinkDesk?

Blogger’s Park

“A platform for women to share their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experience”

Why should you post on PD?

  • Display your mettle as a writer/video blogger as well as your knowledge.
  • Expect a good traffic to your blogs.
  • Start earning rewards with the help of our performance tracking score generation system immediately.
  • Get the score converted into PD cash which allows you to either partly encash it or spend it in our Mandi.

  • Think you are or could be an expert in a particular category? Pursue a featured expert Program in a particular category. Post relevant blogs and earn rewards and recognition.
  • The opportunities to grow with us are immense!

How do we generate the score for your Blogs/Vlogs?

  • The score is directly proportional to the performance or popularity of your Blog/Vlog.
  • More the number of views,shares and applauses, better the popularity!

How to ensure that your Blog/Vlog performs well?

  • Be sure that the Blog/Vlog is relevant to the category selected during posting.
  • Ensure that the Blog/Vlog is interesting, informative and adds value to the reader’s time.
  • Share the Blog/Vlog in your network through other social mediums.
  • Invite your friends to join PinkDesk and encourage them to applaud and share your blog which would ensure higher popularity and increase the blog performance by manifolds.

How does your user score get calculated?

  • Your user score would be the total of the score generated for each Blog/Vlog/Answer.

Featured Expert Program

“Grab the opportunity to display your knowledge in your field of interest and earn recognition as a featured expert in your domain.”

Who should pursue featured expert program?

  • If you feel you have knowledge in a particular field through experience, profession, qualification or sheer interest and you can share your knowledge with others through Blogs, Vlogs or answers on Forum then you should pursue featured expert Program in your field of interest.

How to become a featured expert in a particular category?

  • Select “yes” for pursuing featured expert Program during profile creation.
  • Select the category in which you want to become a featured expert.
  • For all your Blogs, Vlogs and answers in the forum posted under that particular category, an expert score would start getting generated based on the performance of the above activities.
  • Once this expert score reaches the required threshold you shall be eligible for being crowned a featured expert in the chosen category.

What it means to be a featured expert in a particular category?

  • It definitely validates your expertise in chosen category and builds your identity around it.
  • Featured experts have a definite edge over normal users in terms of visibility, popularity, authenticity and priority which can be easily used to launchpad or leverage their professional or social interests.
  • A featured expert has a better reach and better connect with other users seeking information in the chosen category which makes them eligible to recommend related products and services.

Using PD Cash

What is PD Cash?

PD Cash is a form of money which can be used to buy products and services in the Bazaar.
In terms of Indian currency, 1 PD Cash = Re.1

Why PD Cash?

PinkDesk is a platform built by women for women. An ecosystem which thrives on the participation and contribution of women believes in acknowledging the contribution made by its members in making the platform worthwhile and motivate them at the same time to help the ecosystem prosper.
PD Cash is much more than money, it is the catalyst to make the above ideology possible and to keep the platform bustling with activities and transactions.

How can you earn PD Cash?

  • PD Cash is simply derived from PD score using the formula 1 PD Cash = 25 PD Score.
  • So, the better your Blog/Vlog/Answer performs the better your score gets and the better you earn.

How can you spend PD Cash?

  • You can use PD Cash to buy products or services in our Bazaar.
  • When you buy products in Mandi using PD Cash the equivalent number of PD Cash would be deducted from the purchasers PD Wallet and the same would be deposited into the seller’s PD Wallet. You also need to check if the option to accept PD Cash is available for the chosen product listed in Mandi. If not, then the transaction between the seller and purchaser takes place in INR without any involvement from Pinkdesk.
  • This not where it ends, you can even encash PD cash into INR within allowed limits.

The Mandi

“The marketplace for the women by the women backed by our ideology of supporting women’s financial empowerment.”

What is Mandi?

  • Mandi is the window to your local marketplace with a listing of women owned stores and services.
  • The store you create on Pinkdesk would also be visible in this local marketplace based on the locality selected by you at the time of My store creation.

  • Every locality has its own Mandi and by default you shall view the Mandi as per your area of living.
  • You can also check out stores and services in other localities by selecting the locality explicitly.

Why Mandi?

  • The main aim is to promote women owned businesses which plays a major contribution in women empowerment.
  • It is also a good news for buyers who get to explore locally available products and services within the comfort of home/office.
  • The hopping from store to store is a thing of past. Check out the store/services on PinkDesk, decide what you want and then visit the store personally to finally make a transaction. A real time saver for both buyers and sellers.
  • For many women who sell amazing products and services and can’t afford a shop yet, My Store marks their digital store presence in the local Mandi free of cost.

How to ensure a good sale of your products or services?

  • Ensure proper description of your store and products/services and upload clear and if possible professional images of your store and product while creating your store on PinkDesk.
  • If you run your business from home, then feel free to use a logo or an image containing a quick view of your products/services.
  • Ensure that the images are real and clear and the information provided on the platform is true. Images and descriptions are your window to your customers.
  • PD Cash is the key to your sale. It is strongly advised to allow the payment in PD Cash to attract more buyers.
  • You can either allow buyers to make full payment using PD Cash or you can allow partial payment using PD Cash. Read on to know which option is best applicable to your product/service .
  • Full payment using PD Cash:
    • Products/Services with this option have the highest selling rate.
    • It is highly recommended to select this option when you are introducing a new product in the Bazaar or your store is newly opened and you are looking forward to establish yourself in the Bazaar or you have failed to attract buyers for quite some time.
    • After gaining traction and reputation in the Bazaar, you can also switch to payment using INR.
  • Partial payment using PD Cash:
    • You can allow buyers to make a part of the payment using PD Cash which still ensures a better sale compared to the products which allow payment using INR only.
    • You can consider this option instead of giving discounts which would be a win win for both buyers and sellers.

Women at PinkDesk

What is [email protected] all about?

Women @ PinkDesk is about the real stories of real women. The life they have lived, lessons they have learnt, small feats or mammoth victories, every shade of Grey is covered in this column. The sole idea is to shed light on real issues, real lessons and real achievements of women.

Who is eligible to submit stories on [email protected]?

If you believe that you have lived a life worth learning, sharing and inspiring then you should definitely write your real life story on [email protected]

Why should I submit my Story?

Sharing creates a connection and strengthens the bond among the women. Not to mention that it might inspire those in the same boat or going through a similar phase. And the best story would be featured under "Woman Of The Week"!

Are my stories eligible for PD score and PD cash?

OF course they are!

What are the benefits of winning "Woman Of The Week" title?

Winning the title leads to recognition, better visibility and winning more PD cash!

Is there any criteria to submit stories on [email protected]?

  • The story should be authentic and based on real incidents.
  • The story must be supported with real pictures (not necessarily of the mentioned incidents).
  • The story must have an appropriate title and should be minimum 350 words long.
  • Claims of achievements should be supported with proofs which should be mailed separately to us at [email protected] with subject line: [email protected]: Supported Proof.

What if I want to share my story but lack writing skills?

If your life is worth writing about and you feel that you lack writing skills then you can send your story in your own words and in any of the three languages (English/Hindi/Marathi) to us at [email protected] with subject line: [email protected]: My Story along with supporting documents/ proofs/ pictures and we shall write your story. We might conduct a telephonic interview with you to be able to understand your story if needed.