Offbeat Holiday Destinations: Varkala
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Offbeat Holiday Destinations: Varkala

Offbeat Holiday Destinations: Varkala

Nestling in the Arabian sea, Varkala is a small town in Kerala, India. Surrounded by palm covered red cliffs on 3 sides and the blue ocean on the fourth, Varkala is a true reflection of Kerala, welcoming, clean and enchantingly beautiful. While looking for a getaway this year, try a small and quiet little town like Varkala for a more peaceful and soul searching experience.

Only 40 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala is the only place in Kerala where you will find high cliffs resting right next to the sea. With beautiful beaches, holy shrines and spas, Varkala offers physiological, physical and spiritual haven.
Here are a few places you must visit while visiting the place.

Varkala Beach
Varkala offers the rare sight of high cliffs next to the sea in Kerala and hence the beach itself is beautiful and unlike other commercial beaches of Goa or Kerala are very calm, clean and peaceful. If you are a water baby, a day at the beach, sun bathing and swimming will be a great experience. From leisure evening walks to some adrenaline water sports, the beach offers you both.
Activities like jet skiing, para-sailing and banana boat ride are readily available and at a reasonable price. Have an adrenaline rush as you look down at the town and it's beauty from a bird eye view.

Varkala Lighthouse