About Pinkdesk

PinkDesk is a social commerce platform designed exclusively for women. The motive is to empower women through an exchange of knowledge and valuable Information which would be streamlined to provide various channels for growth and upliftment. We at PinkDesk are dedicated to helping women find their niche and evolve in their fields of interest. The versatility of a woman and her ease to settle in different roles at different stages of life makes this world a vibrant place however while juggling between different roles and blending in the background to provide a whiteboard for others to paint their worlds, she often loses an identity of her own. We believe in tapping the immense potential and knowledge base held by women and using it to leverage the position of women in the society.


The women employment rate in India stands at a meager 27% and it's all the more shocking that despite a steady rise in the literacy rate, the women employment rate continues to decline in the previous years. Considering that women have a more demanding personal life, there is a lack of good opportunities for women which facilitate them to balance their personal and work life. Women from rural India are still deprived of benefits of Information technology and continue to be disconnected from the world. We pledge to constantly work towards better socioeconomic conditions for women and bring about a change in how women feel about themselves.


Everything we do is fueled by our vision to become the driving force behind leveraging women growth through the rise of women entrepreneurship, employment and awareness. Although a bit far fetched but certainly not a fairy tale!

About Our Founders

Swati Rawat


Swati Rawat is an Entrepreneur, software engineer and a mother to a toddler above all. She holds an Engineering degree in Computer science from Pune and is currently based in Pune. After having worked for a decade in the IT industry and volunteering for various social causes, she realized that her heart lies in adding value to other's lives. She bid adieu to her corporate career and an NRI lifestyle in order to fulfill her passion towards social causes in India. She believes that there are colors to a woman and she struggles to blend them into "a right shade" in her day to day life. PinkDesk offers them a palette to paint their lives through its support system. When she is not at PinkDesk, she can be found trying something new, learning, teaching, reading, writing or simply enjoying womanhood and motherhood.

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CS Abhishek Kumar


Abhishek Kumar Kanaujia is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, mastermind behind the success of several ventures, marketing pro and on occasions a teacher and a guide. His academic journey has been an unconventional mix of a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and CS from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He firmly believes in value creation and economic empowerment through growth hacking and venture development.

He has previously founded a business consultation and services firm known as Venture Care which is successfully helping businesses achieve their goals for the past three years. His business acumen and out of the box approach to problems has also won him a place in "30 most influential and creative CEO's" in the year 2017 and 2018 consecutively by international magazines like The Silicon Review, Mirror Review and Insight Success. When not at PinkDesk or Netflix, he can be found recharging his grey cells devouring every piece of information or knowledge coming his way!

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